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Workplace safety recognized during Safe+Sound Week


For the second year, LotusWorks took part in the global awareness for safety at work campaign named Safe + Sound Week hosted by OSHA. Safety is a core value at LotusWorks and the leadership team are fully committed to the safety of all employees.

Safe + Sound Week is held each August and recognizes the successes of workplace health and safety programs while offering information and ideas on how to keep workers safe. It’s important that we use these Safety Weeks to reinforce the importance of continuous awareness of Safety as being one of our top priorities. LotusWorks has been recognized as a participant by OSHA for the efforts and contribution made to promoting a culture of safety within the workplace and getting employees involved in the weeklong Safe + Sound week initiative.

The company is one of 2,927 companies that participated in the campaign in America and one of 91 companies that participated internationally.

Commenting on safety at LotusWorks, Emer Conroy, LotusWorks Director said: “Safety is good business and at LotusWorks we’re about doing good business and doing that consistently. Participating in events such as Safe + Sound week help the teams to further engage with existing program such as the Good Catch initiative and it provides a chance to recognize safety successes within the company.”

This year, we asked LotusWorkers why safety is important them? 105 LotusWorkers responded and reasons included: workplace safety being essential in getting home the way you came to work, returning home to their families at the end of each day and the impact safety can have on our lives.

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