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Talking Thanksgiving at LotusWorks


LotusNews caught up with some US based LotusWorkers to find out their plans for the Thanksgiving holiday and how they plan to celebrate.

Norman Molina works as a Project Manager with LotusWorks in Kansas. Norman, originally from New York has been celebrating Thanksgiving all his life and says the holiday is a great time to reflect on the year.

“I celebrate Thanksgiving by spending time with my family and friends. Reminiscing about all the good that has happened to not only yourself but the people around you. Sharing laughs and memories over a good Thanksgiving meal. If you play your cards rights, typically you can get a few meals and leftovers.

Thanksgiving to me means reflecting on all the things that I am thankful for throughout the year. Whether that is an addition to the family, career and personal goal progression, making new friends, traveling and so forth. It’s an opportunity to celebrate your accomplishments and get ready for what’s in store come the New Year.”


Lee Dunne is a Field Engineer based in Oregon, who recently moved from Ireland to the states to work with LotusWorks This year will be the Dublin native’s third year to celebrate thanksgiving in the states.

“Moving to America was always going to be tough but to make it smoother, I always try to make friends in the local area locals and get involved in the culture. I have experienced deep-fried turkey in Arizona last thanksgiving and roast turkey in Boston. This year I will be in San Francisco and I can’t wait!

We don’t have lots of national holidays here, so it’s brilliant to get a few days off to celebrate a true American holiday. I have lots planned with my work colleagues and the friends I’ve made out here,  and I am happy to say there is no shortage of things to do.”


Ben Griffin previously worked as a Field Engineer in Arizona with LotusWorks Although he’s recently returned home to Ireland, Ben spoke of the family of LotusWorkers who celebrated Thanksgiving together.

“I had my first Thanksgiving with other LotusWorks colleagues. and We spent the day together at a block party which was held by one of our American colleagues. At a time of year when most people were spending time with their families, it was a little hard not being able to do so myself, However, spending the day with the Lotus guys and really fun and welcoming colleagues made this much easier. The block party was great fun and enjoyable experience for my first Thanksgiving.”


Thanksgiving is an important time of year for the LotusWorks team, we hope our colleagues get to enjoy it and celebrate the holiday with friends, family and LotusWorks colleagues.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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