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LotusWorks has worked with leaders in the medical device sector since 1989. Our technical and engineering teams work in partnership with clients in a safe and compliant manner, they are experienced in both maximizing safety and running efficiency, while maintaining quality and reducing costs within facilities.

Our clients are constantly looking for new ways to enhance competitiveness, develop new capabilities and generate new sustainable growth. Having LotusWorks as a strategic partner ensures our clients can concentrate on their core business, while our technical teams guarantee their facilities operate to the highest standards of safety, regulation, and efficiency. 

Partner for Success

Our technical teams have the ability to work across international operations to deliver process improvements and solutions. Our people take a proactive approach when issues are encountered minimizing risks, costs, manhours, and future problems. We approach all projects with a continuous improvement mindset and ensure clients can operate and adapt to present and future challenges.

Tailored Solutions

In partnership with our medical device clients, LotusWorks deliver tailored and structured engineering and technical teams to own and manage scopes of work. Our teams deliver outsourced solutions that may include; specific project requirements at the commissioning phase of a project, ongoing operation and maintenance, or long-term sustaining processes. Our partnership approach identifies clear deliverables, inputs, and deadlines ensuring operational excellence for our client

Our People

Having a culture of continuous improvement at LotusWorks, means our people are constantly sharing knowledge and learnings. This expertise directly benefits our clients by continuously improving their processes, procedures and contributes to the development and growth in their manufacturing.

Our Medical Device Sector Experience

Medical Device

Medical Device – Staff Augmentation

The LotusWorks contract staffing teams on this world-leading Medical Devices facility, ramp-up and ramp down in response to the client’s needs, allowing the client a level of flexibility without compromising on quality and talent…

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It’s a great feeling when you take someone through the whole recruitment process successfully. Not only have you helped the candidate secure a great job, but you’ve also helped the company by providing a great addition to the team!