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Construction Engineering

LotusWorks is the partner of choice for the world’s leading construction engineering companies on major capital builds within the Semiconductor, Medical Device, Datacenter & Pharma industries. Our teams consistently deliver buildings that are performance-optimized, safe, and energy efficient.

Renowned for the quality of product, safety, and excellence in regulated environments, LotusWorks bring world-class resources to every project allowing clients to focus on their core activity. Large project delivery requires multiple skill sets and the LotusWorks teams integrate quickly to help deliver success.


High Performance Delivered

In partnership with our clients, LotusWorks deliver tailored and structured engineering and technical teams to own and manage scopes of work. The partnership approach identifies clear deliverables, inputs, and deadlines ensuring operational excellence. LotusWorks teams are multi-disciplinary and are directly involved from project concept to handover.

Advanced Construction & Engineering

LotusWorks deploys specialized construction and engineering staff to a range of advanced manufacturing and LEED certified facilities.

Knowledgeable, Professional & Committed Staff

LotusWorkers are full-time employees who are knowledgeable, professional, and committed, they are on hand to provide client facilities with customized support 24/7. We tailor our solutions to each client, depending on their needs, this ensures our client facilities are at the forefront of growth.  

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Travis Miller


What do you most enjoy about being on the LotusWorks Talent Team?
It’s a great feeling when you take someone through the whole recruitment process successfully. Not only have you helped the candidate secure a great job, but you’ve also helped the company by providing a great addition to the team!