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Reinforcing the importance of workplace safety – Safe + Sound week 2022


Safety weeks provide an opportunity for people, companies, and industries to come together and recommit to safety as a core value in everything they do. Awareness weeks and internal company initiatives ensure employees feel connected, supported, and safe everyday as they carry out their roles and responsibilities. For the fourth year, LotusWorks is committed to supporting Safe + Sound Week taking place from 15th – 21st of August. This OSHA initiative recognizes the successes of workplace health and safety program and offers information and ideas on how to keep workers safe.

One of the primary benefits of safety policies, procedures, and awareness through a cultivated culture, is the outcomes for employees and clients. LotusWorks clients in the Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Datacenter and Medical Device sectors all experience minimal disruption, less downtime, reduced/no lost time incidents, and employees have a responsibility to identify hazards before they cause accidents, through the LotusWorks ‘Good Catch Program’.

“To help ensure the workforce is protected and workers get home safely each day, all employees are encouraged through safety talks, toolbox talks, lunch and learns to actively play a role in upholding the organizations workplace safety program including the Good Catch Program. This program ensures employees identify hazards in the workplace, report and resolve the hazard before it causes harm, injury or an accident to a colleague or client. It’s working extremely well with a combined total of over 18,000 good catches raised since the program began in 2018. Our teams are engaged, and our clients are benefiting” said Paul, Senior EHS Officer LotusWorks.

While employers have legal responsibilities to ensure a safe and healthy workplace, additional mechanisms which cultivate that safety first culture include: regular safety communications, safety policies and procedures, training and regular reinforcement touchpoints which all help to make the work environment a safer place.

“Participating in Safe + Sound Week can help get safety program or safety initiatives re-energized. The safer the choices we make, the better work we deliver. We’re reinforcing the key messaging around of all the processes, protocols, and guidance to help mitigate risks on-site and reduce injury and illness rates.”

Senior EHS Officer Paul, has shared some top tips that everyone can follow to make themselves, their colleagues and their workplaces a safer environment for all:

  • Never lose sight of the fact that the most important thing you do every day at work is to go home safely to your family and loved ones
  • Be proactive in spotting hazards in the workplace and take the appropriate action to resolve the issue
  • Know your emergency procedures and what to do in the event of an emergency
  • Always practice situational awareness. Situational awareness is being aware of what is happening around you in terms of where you are, where you are supposed to be, and whether anyone or anything around you is a threat to your health and safety
  • Never take shortcuts. Safety procedures exist to keep employees safe. Though skipping a step or not wearing safety gear may save you time, it isn’t worth getting injured over

Further information about Safe + Sound Week can be viewed HERE.

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