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Operations and Maintenance Services Partner

Through our partnership model, we have developed an extensive portfolio of global clients, providing them with quality and cost-effective Operations and Maintenance services. LotusWorks engineers and technicians enable the delivery of our client’s commercial results, driving efficiencies, boosting innovation, solving technical problems, and managing costs.

Our experiences tell us that GMP regulated and mission-critical facilities strongly depend on flexible, safe talent to operate and maintain their manufacturing process and maintain their assets. Our success rests in our ability to supplement these environments with teams who have the right skills and professionalism, allowing you to allocate your resources to projects that will have the greatest impact on manufacturing business goals.

You need to focus on what you do best. We supplement your in-house maintenance teams and execute and manage maintenance programs to help protect your capital investments. Our experienced staff provides 24/7 cover, completing preventative, predictive, rebuilds, overhaul related maintenance tasks. Our maintenance planning includes maintenance intervals, durations, skills & training, and tools and materials.

Operations & Maintenance Services include

  • Equipment and Warranty Tracking: Increased cost savings and no lost time as problems are identified and rectified throughout all stages of the commissioning process 
  • Fully integrated CMMS: Ensure traceability for your facility with clear reporting structures.
  • Preventative, Predictive & Reliability Development: Identify obstacles before they become major issues and lead to costly performance problems and reduce delays due to our commissioning input
  • Expert Technical Teams: LotusWorks perform sophisticated processes and tests to verify that all facility components work together as an integrated system
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Operation of Equipment: Reduced construction delays due to commissioning input in the design phase, reducing long-term spend
  • Scheduled Shutdowns: LotusWorks commissioning activities focus on verifying that critical support systems are designed for maximum facility uptime
  • Modern Maintenance Techniques: Complying with commissioning standards, LotusWorks ensures the facility is operating to regulatory standards guaranteeing production safety, product quality, and patient safety
  • Risk-Based Equipment Classification  

Why outsource your Operations & Maintenance needs?

LotusWorks’ multidisciplinary teams work to provide complete, single point of contact, integrated and innovative partnering solutions that positively affect the performance of our client facilities through outsourced operations and maintenance services. LotusWorks expert teams have for over 34 years worked with world-leading manufacturers during project initiation right through to sustaining.  Our guarantee to you: 

  • Reduce capital repairs 
  • Reduce unscheduled shutdowns and repairs  
  • Extend the equipment life cycle
  • Extend the facility life cycle 
  • Realize life cycle cost savings 
  • Provide safe, functional systems and facilities that meet design intent
  • Support sustainability goals 
  • Compliance and Safety Adherence  

Operations & Maintenance Systems Experience:

  • Experienced in Black Utility Systems 
  • Familiarity working with multiple client systems including: vendor software on client systems, CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), BMS (Building Management System) and PMS (Process Management System) systems 
  • Experience working on facilities up to 4.3million sq. ft 
  • Mission Critical Utilities  


LotusWorks ensures the quality of our Operations and Maintenance services through our team of highly skilled engineers and technicians who have extensive experience working in the Medical Device, Data Center, Pharma/Biologics, Construction Engineering and Semiconductor sectors.

LotusWorks offers Operations and Maintenance services in the Medical Device, Data Centre, Pharma/Biologics, Construction Engineering and Semiconductor sectors. 

The benefits of partnering with LotusWorks for Operations and Maintenance services in the Medical Device, Data Center, Pharma/Biologics, Construction Engineering and Semiconductor sectors include access to specialized expertise, quality and cost-effective services, 34+ years sector experience and a strategic partnership.

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