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My LotusWorks Journey – Ruairi Lennon

NAME: Ruairi Lennon
TITLE: Mechanical Commissioning Engineer
SITE: Nevada, USA

Ruairi Lennon, originally from Castlebar in Co. Mayo, has been working with LotusWorks since March 2014 . Over the past 4 years with the company, he has taken up opportunities to work with multinational companies both in Ireland and the US.

Ruairi graduated from Dublin City University with a BSc in Analytical Science before taking up a Quality Control Analyst role with Newry-based veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturer, Norbrook. In 2010, he returned to DCU to complete an MSc in Biomathematics, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. Post Masters, he accepted a Quality Control Analyst role with the Dublin based manufacturer, Rottapharm, before joining Pfizer Newbridge as a Lab Technician in 2013.

In 2014, Ruairi took up his first role with LotusWorks as a Calibration Technician, spending his first 18 months on a pharmaceutical site in Ireland, “I gained great exposure to both the laboratory support and manufacturing process support group, thanks to my manager” says Ruairi. Ruairi is driven to take on new challenges and push himself to gain as much experience as he can across a range of industries, building his knowledge base and career. So, when an opportunity in the medical device industry came up, he jumped on it. There was a transition from the Pharmaceutical to Medical Device industries, but Ruairi says the skills he developed – including calibration of temperature, conductivity and pH – during his time at a pharmaceutical made the transition seamless. “These core elements are universal and can be transferred across a range of industries,” says Ruairi.

From here to Boston, Massachusetts, Ruairi found himself working with President of Operations USA James Casey on a research facility customer site for four weeks. He enjoyed his time stateside and claimed this is when he was ‘bitten by the travel bug’. “Opportunity within LotusWorks stands out for me,” says Ruairi. “I am still young and when I have an opportunity at my feet to explore the world, while working in my chosen career path, I find myself asking why not?”.

Ruairi has since settled into a role as a Cx Engineer in the automotive industry in Nevada and is enjoying the work. He doesn’t shy away from opportunity. “I simply can’t avoid the opportunity to learn more in my field and the work here and experience here is great, I’d advise everyone to watch for opportunities to learn and don’t be afraid to take on new roles, there’s always someone to buddy with or coach you”.  What advice would Ruairi give somebody else looking to build their career? “There’s nothing you can’t do with a little time. You must watch, learn and expose yourself to new things to grow.” He acknowledges his LotusWorks colleagues and management for giving him that time, support and the opportunities. “I fully believe that time and support have got me to where I am today.” “My attitude is: there is nothing I cannot do.”

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