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In keeping with the National Fitness Day theme of “more people, more active, more often” this month, LotusWorkers started a Fitness Warriors Challenge. The four-week programme focuses on the key areas of wellbeing ranging from mental health to physical activity, healthy eating and general wellbeing. Sixty six eager LotusWorks employees are participating and being supported by professional personal trainers and coaches from Realistic Fitness.  ​

It is widely reported that physical activity releases stress-busting endorphins, providing a natural high that offsets work-related stress. Over recent months, one of the biggest problems from working at home is inactivity. Often, the main reaction to a busy workload is to sit for as long as possible until the task is done. Before you know it, hours have passed by and you have not moved from your chair.

Commenting on recent health and wellbeing initiatives at LotusWorks, Director Emer Conroy said:

The biggest benefit of investing in fitness and wellbeing initiatives is the improvement of both physical health and mental health for all of us in the company. These programmes help us adopt good health behaviours, reduce health risks and boost teamwork and morale. It also offers the opportunity for our teams to interact in a setting removed from the stress of work. We’re delighted to see the level of engagement rising monthly in the initiatives too.  

The company also recently raised thousands by completing “Steps Challenges”. They reached steps targets over a 5 day period as a team and donated all money raised to charities including the Irish Hospice Foundation, Sligo Cancer Support Centre and St. Francis Hospice, Blanchardstown.

At LotusWorks, our people are at the heart of our business and we care about investing in them, their health and making sure they are happy as part of the LotusWorks team” adds Emer

Further details on National Fitness Day can be found here:

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