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LotusWorks Apprenticeship Program Kick-Off 2019


This week LotusWorks welcomed four new apprentices to the team and there was a significant rise in interest for the apprenticeship program in 2019. LotusWorks has developed, changed, and enhanced the apprenticeship program through the years. Commenting on the apprenticeship program, LotusWorks Calibration Manager Tom McGuinn said “It’s a really great career and our company can offer a very robust and varied apprenticeship because we work in a few different sectors. It was heartening to see the level of interest in the apprenticeship program and to see many applicants with a clear idea of what they want to pursue as a career. Within the first couple of months of their apprenticeship, the new apprentices are exposed to world–leading manufacturing facilities. It’s an eye-opening experience for them”.

Supported by Solás the aim of the Apprenticeship Program is to develop engineering and technical talent. The program has been running at LotusWorks for over 26 years and now has 26 apprentices at various phases of the program.

We spoke to the apprentices to understand why and how they decided to choose instrumentation as a career:

Name:  Darrell Ryan
From: Waterford

I heard about LotusWorks when searching for instrumentation program online. LotusWorks was one of the first sites to appear. When reading some of the online content on the website and I saw that LotusWorks was hiring apprentices and that LotusWorks has been recognized as a Great Place to Work, the decision was easily made. I am looking forward to travelling around Ireland and working with multinational companies throughout the course of the apprenticeship.

Name: Ryan Havill
From: Offaly

I saw the apprenticeship program advertised on job posting platforms and saw content posted on social media. I am looking forward to learning the instrumentation trade, meeting people that work for some of the biggest companies in the world. I am looking forward to the opportunities that will arise through working with LotusWorks such as travelling and working on different sites in Ireland, and possibly even the USA. I applied for the LotusWorks apprenticeship program because of the Great Place to Work Award, the benefits and the great atmosphere after each stage of the interview process.

Name: Ryan Thompson
From: Laois

The LotusWorks apprenticeship program was recommended to me by a person who previously worked for the company. I applied for the LotusWorks apprenticeship program for personal development and to be trained to the highest industry standard which is delivered by LotusWorks. I am looking forward to the opportunity to travel and work on different multinational sites.

Name: Matthew Dempsey
From: Clare

I applied for the apprenticeship based on a recommendation from a friend. When researching instrumentation online I came across LotusWorks. I was interested in what LotusWorks had to offer and wanted to learn more. I am looking forward to learning new skills that can be applied in the working environment. I am also looking forward to meeting people who work on multinational sites in Ireland.

For more information on the LotusWorks Apprenticeship program please click here.

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