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From College Graduate to Mechanical Superintendent


LotusWorker and Dubliner Lee, has always been an ambitious and adventurous person. After completing his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, he wasted no time in obtaining a one-year graduate visa to work in the United States and begin his career journey. When he touched down in Arizona five years ago, little did he know that he would progress from Mechanical Engineer to Mechanical Superintendent while at the same time feeding his travel bug and exploring North America and EMEA.

3 different states, 3 different roles – A journey of discovery and progression

When Lee first joined the LotusWorks team in the US, he had no idea that he would eventually work his way up to become a Superintendent. Moving to a new place can be scary, but it can also open doors to exciting new opportunities. His role with LotusWorks took him to three different states, and he got to work in two very different industries on large-scale projects. Starting as a Field Engineer in a Semiconductor facility in Arizona, Lee learned the ins and outs of Wet Mechanical Systems used in the semiconductor industry. After his time in Arizona, Lee packed his bags and moved to Oregon where he worked as a Mechanical Commissioning Technician and gained valuable experience working with specialised equipment.

“Working at LotusWorks, you have the ability to work and travel at the same time. In just 3 years, I worked on two of the largest semiconductor projects in the US in two different states”- said Lee.


Lee was given an opportunity to explore and work in a different industry and jumped at the chance to work as an MEP Superintendent at a global automotive manufacturing facility in Fremont with the LotusWorks team. Asked what he has enjoyed most about his busy career journey so far Lee adds –“You get this great sense of pride when you start working in a green field site and then you see the project through to the end where you have worked on a multi-billion-dollar project for one of the world’s most renowned electric car manufacturers.”

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From the USA to Israel – the journey continues!

After 4 years of venturing across the United States, Lee continued on his path to success, moving to Israel to join the LotusWorks Commissioning Team working on a Global Semiconductor facility in Tel Aviv. It was here that Lee took up the role of Mechanical Superintendent, where he is responsible for overseeing all the hydronic scope in the Fab, planning, working with contractors, and making sure everything is aligned with the facility design.

Commenting on his time in Israel so far, Lee said;

“It is very different to the States, but the people are really friendly, and all the lads are close by, so we always bunch together and have the craic. I am only here since early 2022, and I have made the most of my free time travelling to Istanbul, Qatar, to watch the World Cup and a few weekend trips to Europe too. It’s pretty central to a lot of places that I may not have gotten the chance to visit if I was still in the US.’

Lee’s LotusWorks journey reflects the opportunities that are available to those who are willing to take on new challenges and embrace new experiences. As a graduate engineer, Lee took advantage of the opportunities that came his way and built a successful career that has taken him around the world.

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