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International Women In Engineering


Supporting International Women in Engineering

To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day, LotusWorks are focusing on some of the talented female LotusWorker’s within the organisation across Ireland and the USA. Featured in this article is four female LotusWorker’s working in different roles with different responsibilities across various engineering sectors. A common theme between all is – engineering is a great career choice for females and males and the diversity of the career can take you anywhere.

Name: Brittany Holloway
From: Golden, Colorado, USA
Current Location: Chandler, Arizona, USA
Job Title: PSSS Field Engineer
Sector: Semiconductor

What you enjoy most about working in the semiconductor sector? 
There is always a new challenge to learn about and overcome. Boredom is a non-issue on-site, and I love always being on the go!

Would you recommend a technical/engineering career to other females?
Oh, absolutely. However, I’d preface my recommendation with the same advice that I would offer any aspiring engineer – you need to want to put in the work. It’s a waste of your time if engineering isn’t something you’re passionate about.

Name: Eimear Duffy
From: Killarney, Co. Kerry
Current Location: Leixlip, Co. Kildare
Job Title: Engineering Administrator
Sector: Semiconductor manufacturing

What you enjoy most about working in the semiconductor sector?
There’s always a laugh in the office even though we’re usually all working to tight deadlines. As a recovering Arts graduate, it means there’s always something to learn about when it comes to systems, commissioning, and even just day-to-day terminology. I like that there’s more and more young women joining the sector and leading the way in their respective fields.

Advice or recommendations to any females considering roles or careers in the technical/engineering sectors?
I had no idea the sector was as extensive as it is. If I had known more about engineering, I would definitely have studied it after school. It’s a tough but welcoming environment that generally has women at the forefront of its teams. But we could definitely do with some more gals on board.

Name: Meet Meredith Harrison
From: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Current Location: Galway, Ireland
Job Title: Quality Technician
Sector: Medical Device

How do you find working in a male dominated industry sector?
We have eighteen full time laboratory technicians here in Galway which is made up of technicians, engineers and students on co-op, nine are male and nine are female. This may not be the case at most organisations. I feel very honoured to be a woman working in a male dominated industry which is a changing climate. There are more opportunities for women in engineering now than ever before. My work colleagues are fantastic at what they do. We are able to confer about different projects and they are very supportive of my ideas and thoughts.

What advice would you give to females considering a career in engineering?
First thing I would say is just get involved. Attend engineering fairs, school trips or college information days where you feel you can learn more about this industry. Learn the basics early on, look up some STEM disciplines that are available and have a plan in place. There are so much more opportunities available for women in engineering now than ever before. This industry is extremely fast paced and constantly evolving so if you like the idea of being challenged, working toward targets that ultimately make a difference then don’t let anyone deter you from doing just that. I wouldn’t be working with LotusWorks if I didn’t think that way. I am really looking forward to what lies ahead at LotusWorks.

Name: Edith McShane
From: Killala, Co Mayo
Current Location: Based at LotusWorks HQ in Sligo
Job Title: Talent Acquisition Lead
Sector: Talent Acquisition

What you enjoy most about working in the technical and engineering sector?
The technical and engineering sector is booming at the moment across all industries. I enjoy seeing Technicians and Engineers joining LotusWorks and going on to achieve great things for the company and it’s great to be a big part of that process. We are a services company and great people define what we do. It’s also amazing to be providing service solutions to global companies who enhance and make a difference in peoples’ lives every day.

Advice or recommendations to any females considering roles or careers in the technical/engineering sectors?
From a career perspective the opportunities are endless, there are also many different types of Engineer you can be. It is all about exploring different areas while in school. You might find you like something more hands-on than desk based and vice versa. Getting work experience or a co-op or internship while in University or College will prove very valuable when you graduate and give you a taste for the career.  While technical capabilities are important in becoming an Engineer, you also must demonstrate confidence, ambition and excellent communication skills. The perception of engineering being a male-orientated career is fading fast and we have seen a huge surge of female engineers join LotusWorks over the past 5 years. For candidates who are looking for a complete career change there are many courses now available to bridge the gap and enter the pharma or medical device industry through organisations such as Get Reskilled or Innopharma Labs.

About International Women in Engineering:
International Women in Engineering Day is an international awareness campaign to raise the profile of women in engineering and focus attention on the amazing career opportunities available to women in this exciting industry. It celebrates the outstanding achievements of women engineers throughout the world.

According to Engineers Ireland and a recent report conducted – Caroline Spillane, Director General of Engineers Ireland said: “It has never been more important to inspire and encourage more young people, especially young women, to study engineering at third-level and to choose a career in engineering. Caroline continued “With females accounting for just 13% of last year’s engineering graduates, and as part of their International Women in Engineering Day campaign, the professional membership body for engineers in Ireland has placed a renewed emphasis on encouraging young women to consider a future career in the profession.”

In 2017, National Women in Engineering Day became international for the first time due to the interest and enthusiasm developed by the international audience and participants in the previous years.

Find out more about international women in engineering here:


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What do you most enjoy about being on the LotusWorks Talent Team?
It’s a great feeling when you take someone through the whole recruitment process successfully. Not only have you helped the candidate secure a great job, but you’ve also helped the company by providing a great addition to the team!