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How Long is a Piece of String? CV Style!


How long is a piece of string?
CV Style!

I seem to be having a similar conversation with candidates lately as to the “accepted” length of a CV.  Reactions such as “Oh I can’t have it any longer than 2 pages”   “I didn’t include that because I didn’t have enough room” OR “employers wont look past the first paragraph”. It’s been bothering me so I would like to set the record straight on a few things!

Firstly, CV’s are still one of the first impressions you can give a company when applying for a job. They are used everyday and while there are changes in the candidate application processes , sending your CV for a job is still the number 1 way to apply!

My advice is when you are applying for a particular job, look at all the responsibilities and requirements that the employer is looking for and tailor your CV to suit that particular role.

It’s amazing how often I speak to candidates and while I’m going through their CV with them, half of the technical skills they are telling me they have are not on their CV. By not having  relevant information on your CV could mean you won’t get the call. Also don’t leave out any jobs just because you think they are irrelevant, by leaving it out it will look like there is a gap in your work history. If it isn’t a relevant job to the one you are applying for,  that’s okay,  but still include the dates, employer and position held.

At the end of the day your CV is your first selling point so make sure it is bursting with all the relevant technical information and skills that you have!
Don’t leave important information out just because it is running onto the third page!
I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have or give you advice. Your thoughts and comments are welcome 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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