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Every day is a learning day for the Commissioning Technician 


Every day is a learning day for the Commissioning Technician 

LotusWorker, Andrew, a Commissioning Technician, works in the Semiconductor industry and specializes in the area of Ultra-Pure Water (UPW) Systems.

Andrew’s background is in mechanics, but he wanted a new challenge and UPW Systems provides him with exactly that challenge to develop his knowledge.

Andrew studied Mechanical Engineering at Technology University Dublin but decided to change careers and secured his role by completing commissioning work scope with LotusWorks in 2020.

Andrew comments “problem solving is something that I am good at and I’ve enhanced this skill during my career. I enjoy finding errors or issues and then the process of helping to craft the solution.

“As a Commissioning Technician, every day is a learning day, no day goes by without learning something new. My job involves commissioning the UPW systems on the project for the client. I walk pipework to ensure that everything matches the Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID)”.

When asked ‘what is required to be successful when completing commissioning?’, Andrew says “It is vital to understand the systems at the facility. Having a good understanding of what’s entering the system and what specifications are required when leaving the system is essential. When you come across an error in the project, speedy escalation is required. This way the onsite team can work together to come up with solutions or workarounds that can be put in place to keep the project on time”.

We asked Andrew what he found challenging about his current role “The most difficult thing about my job is the theory behind all the different systems I work on in UPW. UPW is very technical and when I started, I found it very difficult to take in so much knowledge but now I find it more interesting than I do challenging”.

“One thing that stands out to me at LotusWorks is the management. Everyone is treated fairly and anytime anyone needs anything, the team are there to provide support. There’s security in knowing anytime I do run into a problem, or I am confused or need assistance, my team will always be there to help”.

Outside of work, you will likely find Andrew working on cars or renovation projects, he loves the challenge and seeing the end result.

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