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Construction Engineering Operations & Maintenance

Through our partnership model, we have developed an extensive portfolio of clients globally, providing quality and cost-effective operations and maintenance solutions. A high-level operational excellence is both desired and expected by our clients and our multi-disciplinary teams work to provide complete, single point of contact, integrated and innovative partnering solutions that positively affect the performance of our client facilities through our outsourced operations and maintenance services.

Systems Experience

  • Experienced in Black Utility Systems, eg. boilers, softened water systems, chillers, compressors, electrical systems, cooling towers, wastewater treatment systems, HVAC as well as a number of smaller auxiliary and supporting systems.
  • Mission-critical utilities such as: emergency power, process cooling water, cleanroom environmental control systems, industrial process waste collection & treatment systems, process chemical & gas delivery systems, life safety systems
  • Familiarity working with multiple client systems including: vendor software on client systems, CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), BMS (Building Management System) and PMS (Process Management System) systems.
  • Experience working on facilities up to 4.3million sq. ft

Project Scopes Include

  • Sustaining critical systems, planning and executing safe plant shutdowns and rotations, and responsible for energy, asset, change, quality, and documentation management  
  • PDMs: Predictive, preventative, proactive, and reactive maintenance programs, boilers, softened water systems, chillers, compressors, electrical systems, cooling towers, wastewater treatment systems, and HVAC.

Benefits experienced when engaging expert Operations & Maintenance Teams

  • 24/7 Support: Technical teams are always operationally ready, knowledgeable in a variety of utility systems and skilled in a wide range of instrumentation and procedure, delivering a value-add service
  • Cost Savings: Reduced man hours needed for preventative maintenance improving the uptime and condition of the equipment 
  • Fully integrated CMMS: LotusWorks provide directions and documentation for the performance of work to ensure that maintenance is performed safely and efficiently
  • Experienced Technical Teams: Operations & Maintenance teams who can hit the ground running due to familiarization of the facility, instruments and equipment after the commissioning process has concluded, allowing sustaining work to be carried out quickly and efficiently 
  • Reduced Downtime: Through the implementation of a comprehensive maintenance program and our experience of multiple industry environments, we successfully maintain facility uptime and deliver a solution focused on risk reductio

Extremely Flexible

“I find them extremely flexible in whatever the situation – out of hours, weekends, and nights, whatever the case they always deliver. It’s their sign-off on projects as well, they say what they are going to provide, how they are going to provide it, and how it looks upon completion. Their technical expertise is second to none and I’d have no issue recommending the team in LotusWorks.”

Senior Systems Engineer, Client Facility

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