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Quality Guaranteed: Celebrating World Quality Week


November 6 – 10 marks World Quality Week, an annual event celebrated worldwide to raise awareness about the significance of quality in various aspects of our lives, including business, manufacturing, healthcare, education, and more. In celebration of the week, we’re highlighting how the LotusWorks Quality team’s dedication ensures that service excellence is not just a goal, but a reality for our clients operating within highly regulated industries. Within these highly regulated Life Science and Advanced Technology sectors, any deviation from the strict standards can lead to significant consequences. Michael Conway, our Quality and Continuous Improvement Manager, steps into the spotlight to provide an insider’s view on the role of quality assurance, the day-to-day realities of working in this vital field, and his enthusiasm for encouraging a career within quality’s rigorous yet rewarding advanced technology and life sciences sector.

The LotusWorks Quality Department plays a pivotal role in adding value to our clients. We hold certifications in four international standards: ISO9001 (Quality Management), ISO45001 (Health & Safety), ISO14001 (Environmental), and ISO17025 (temperature, electrical, and mass calibrations). These standards provide a robust framework for our management systems and instil confidence in our clients regarding the services we offer. Coupled with a meticulous audit schedule, the department ensures our client sites are well-prepared for regulatory audits, while proactive quality risk management mitigates potential risks. Collaboration with our Quality & Continuous Improvement Department and our client sites is key to our success in achieving these goals. 

In 2011, Michael completed a degree in Mechatronics Engineering from IT Sligo and holds a H.Dip in Quality Management. Referencing his degrees and how they supported his career path, Michael states he saw an opportunity to gain valuable insights into various industries while applying the technical expertise gained in the early years of his career  

Commenting on the value of a quality department Michael said – “Our quality professionals are more than just guardians of standards; they understand the intricate blueprints of our client’s industries. This knowledge is crucial—it’s the compass that guides the meticulous oversight and rigorous checks essential for maintaining the integrity of every project. It ensures that quality is not just a checkpoint, but a continuous thread woven into the very fabric of our service delivery. By upholding these standards, the Quality Department plays a pivotal role in not only meeting but often exceeding client expectations, cementing quality as the cornerstone of our successful service delivery. 

An image of Michael Conway, LotusWorks Quality and Continuous Improvement Manager for World Quality Week

While standards are continuously reviewed, major revisions occur roughly every decade. As the future evolves towards Quality 4.0 and digital transformation, LotusWorks is committed to adapting to any necessary changes. This dedication is vital in the highly regulated sectors LotusWorks operate in, where ensuring accuracy is paramount for client care, ensuring their continued satisfaction and trust in the services we provide.  

“The future of quality assurance and compliance in LotusWorks sectors promises innovation and adaptability. As our business expands, our department must keep pace by embracing new processes and utilising data-driven approaches. We are currently in the process of harnessing audit findings, business risk management, and non-conformances data to implement a holistic approach to Quality Management across the entire organisation, leveraging technology for our advantage. It’s a really positive era and promotes quality as an exciting career path” adds Michael. 

LotusWorks places a significant emphasis on quality and client care, with Michael playing a central role in upholding these standards. Michael’s background in Engineering and Quality Management demonstrates the importance of technical expertise and industry knowledge in maintaining the high standards required in the sectors we work in.  

The commitment to international standards and certifications within the Quality Department showcases a dedication to excellence and regulatory compliance. By conducting audits, managing quality risks proactively, and collaborating closely with clients, LotusWorks ensures that their services not only meet but exceed expectations. World Quality Week provides us with the opportunity to highlight the department’s contributions across the business and reinforces our support to clients worldwide. 

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