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Boosting collaboration and worker morale through social gatherings


LotusWorks Lunchtime Walk and Talk

As summer winds down, we reflect on the season and some of the fun filled socials that we enjoyed within the LotusWorks Business. Camaraderie, teamwork and community building within the LotusWorks teams help bridge any gaps and to support fostering a genuine connection among team members. When colleagues spend quality time together outside of the confines of work, they develop deeper understandings and stronger ties, which naturally promotes a positive culture and spirited teamwork. By integrating the methodologies and frameworks of Great Place to Work, we ensure that LotusWorks continuously evolves, always prioritising employees at the heart of every decision and initiative. 

LotusWorks has been a Great Place to Work Certified company since 2016.  The GPTW frameworks and methodologies followed means the company is a people-first company as voted for by its own people.  

When we speak of company success, at times the focus can be on market shares and profit margins but behind these figures lies a vital ingredient – workplace culture. A strong workplace culture in companies like LotusWorks helps employees feel nurtured and valued in their workplace. Thus, creating a work environment where all employees work towards a shared vision. Over the years, workplace social activities have become a cornerstone of modern corporate culture. Social work events play a pivotal role in fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie. LotusWorks has cemented workplace social activities as a regular outing for all employees across all client sites to break down barriers, encourage interactions and form team bonds.  

In all LotusWorks locations globally, summer socials were attended, with employees participating and enjoying an array of activities including TopGolf in Arizona, cheering on the RedSox in Boston to a game of Sligo’s version of Family Fortunes, the variety in the outings was endless. 

Commenting on the events and socials, HR Manager Melanie said: Socials are more than just a fun night out, it’s about connecting in a different way. In these relaxed settings, ideas flow, friendships grow, and our workplace becomes not just a job, but a place where people really enjoy working together.” 

When people bond outside their regular roles, they see each other’s human side. This makes working together more comfortable and collaborative. The long-term benefits of a well-established workplace culture are vast and include employee retention, increased productivity and client satisfaction.  

Positive workplace culture isn’t just beneficial, it’s essential. By fostering a conducive environment, LotusWorks is ensuring their employees thrive but also paves the way to foster a culture based on teamwork and is committed to continuing to invest in employees.   

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