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il 28th is Workers Memorial Day and fittingly it’s marked by employer groups worldwide and individual organisations to remember those killed or injured in work-related accidents.

In Ireland the numbers tell a sad tale, during the past decade, 485 people were killed in work-related accidents. There were thousands more badly injured during the same period. Last year, 38 people were killed in work related accidents in Ireland.

Workplace safety and educating employees about their safety and that of their colleagues remains a key pillar in the day to day operations at LotusWorks. The organisation is certified in Occupational Health and Safety management system OHSAS 18001 and operate an integrated EHSQ management system. The health and safety of employees and clients is prioritised.

In 2018, the company had one health and safety authority reportable accident and 2 lost time incidents. These 3 incidents related to ergonomics – poor/awkward posture in the workplace. A number of initiatives including ergonomic action plans, ergonomic hazards on Safe Plan of Action forms and ergonomic workshops have been put in place by the LotusWorks EHSQ Team.

Communication is key when it comes to health and safety. Paul Bourke, safety officer, LotusWorks, reports that safety communication boards which allow staff to discuss safety efficiently, on a daily basis at the work sites is helping to keep safety a primary focus in all employee’s minds. The good catch programme in place within the organisation rewards employees who report unsafe acts or conditions that they find in the work place. Paul comments “In 2018, LotusWorkers raised 1,273 ‘Good Catches’ and in just the first three months of this year, there has been 409 ‘Good Catches’ raised which is testament to the programme’s success. It’s all about getting involved, playing a part and being pro-active in terms of health and safety. Several of our site teams have been recognised by our clients for going the extra mile and their commitment to safety on site”

The company has a safety management system in place, it is strongly supported by the company’s directors and the leadership team, but the true champions are the employees, who come to work to complete tasks but always with a ‘safety first’ mindset.

Safety quizzes were held on various sites around the country today to mark Workers Memorial Day. Pictured below are some of the winners from todays event.

The company will continue to build its safety culture and play its part in helping to decrease workplace related injury or deaths.

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