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Why Outsource Engineering & Technical Functions?


To remain competitive in today’s global marketplace, companies are looking to outsource a growing number of non-core activities – this can be anything from accountancy services to H.R., or from I.T. to Payroll. Within the manufacturing sector, the move to outsourcing is equally well advanced, particularly when it comes to the engineering or technical functions. From our extensive experience as an outsourced partner in these areas, we believe that the key benefits to the manufacturer can be summarised as follows:

Reduce the strain on your resources

When we’re approached by a client, we frequently find that their internal teams are already inundated with work and the strain is beginning to show. Their decision to go the outsourced route means that that they can quickly alleviate this strain on their fixed resources – as well as significantly reducing costs. As a simple practical example, if a manufacturer is changing out production lines or developing new products, this can be very easily delegated to an external specialist, leaving the company’s own experts to focus solely on their core business.

Reduce your costs and simplify recruitment

Any activity outside of your core business can distract you from the bottom line, so recruitment of technical or engineering staff is frequently on the list of outsourced activities. What this means in practice is that your outsourced partner will take full responsibility for all recruitment stage costs and will deliver expert candidates who will integrate effectively with your existing teams. They will also control all head count charges, taking care of any extra hiring costs such as insurance payments. This removes a potentially very demanding task from internal staff, and our strong belief is that it makes not just excellent financial sense, but also represents the optimum use of your core talent.

Enjoy added flexibility

We rate the flexibility of outsourcing as one of its primary advantages. The length of projects and outsourcing times are completely flexible. For example, whether it be an extra engineering function for a 6-month period or for 6 years, outsourcing can cater efficiently to any timeline – managing the complete movement of candidates from project to project as needed. This level of flexibility would be completely unfeasible if depending solely on your internal resources.

Focus on results

We also believe that the focus on deliverables is a key driver of the growth of outsourcing. Outsourced projects are extremely results- driven, and each will typically have its own specified self-performance metrics, agreed in advance with the client. Working to set KPI’s – whether weekly, monthly or annual – represents the greatest likelihood of ultimate success.

Divest yourself of ownership

Without doubt, focusing exclusively on your core business represents the optimum use of your time. An experienced and proven outsourced partner will take ownership of the outsourcing project -from recruitment stage right through to completion, ensuring that desired outcomes are not just achieved, but exceeded.

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