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Why do we Calibrate Equipment & Instruments? & How can it Benefit your Business?


Calibration is an essential part of the pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing industries, and it is important for companies to regularly calibrate instruments and equipment to ensure that they are within tolerance and that manufacturing systems are not affected.

Calibration is essentially input vs output. A certified calibration standard (input) is used to gauge readings from a unit under test (output), and this is then reviewed against an assigned calibration tolerance to the unit under test to assess if the team has passed or failed calibration. This is essential to ensure the accuracy of manufacturing systems in use. Calibration is generally provided as part of a scheduled plan but can be delivered on demand when required by our clients. Without a successfully implemented calibration programme, pharmaceutical and medical device products may have unknown variances or defects, leading to serious health risks for patients.

Regular calibration helps pharmaceutical and medical device companies maintain accuracy in all aspects of their manufacturing process and ensures that products meet stringent safety standards. Calibration also helps manufacturers save money by avoiding costly downtime due to faulty equipment. Finally, calibration gives manufacturers confidence in their processes so they can be sure that the product is produced to meet industry-level specifications.

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LotusWorks Calibration Expertise

Calibrations are carried out by qualified and competent calibration technicians who are experts in their field.
All calibrations are carried out as per detailed work instructions and procedures which are controlled through our clients’ document management systems.

LotusWorks Calibration Lead Shivam, who works within a manufacturing facility for a global pharmaceutical client states “It is not about carrying out as many calibrations as possible it is about ensuring that these calibrations are carried out correctly and on-schedule. If the calibration does not follow procedure it can affect the quality of the product which can impact directly on patient safety.”

How can calibration benefit your business?

Calibration is a valuable tool for mission critical and manufacturing facilities in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. By carrying out regular calibrations, facility owners can ensure that that their equipment / instruments are producing accurate results working efficiently and safely. This can help to reduce facility downtime, identify and correct costly performance deficiencies, reduction in operational costs and ensure product quality and compliance.

Your Calibration Partner of Choice

LotusWorks calibration services provide you with the peace of mind you require while allowing you to focus on your core business activity. Our expert calibration team follows all required calibration procedures to give clients peace of mind in their manufacturing systems. We’ve combined our technical competence with a clear understanding of your equipment and instrument requirements, so you can experience consistent quality service on time.

LotusWorks Calibration Accreditation

LotusWorks also have an in-house ISO 17025: 2017 Accredited Laboratory that is fully accredited Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB). Full details of our scope of accreditation can be found on the INAB website under registration number 277C.
Completing your day-to-day calibrations is the minimum requirement; we would like to offer you: Continuous Improvement Programmes, Calibration Optimisation Programmes, Mobile Calibration Services, Site Calibration Services, Temperature Mapping and Third-Party Vendor Management.


Why outsource your Calibration Services with LotusWorks

Technical Expertise – 34 plus years’ experience working on global calibration projects
Compliance – instrument standard certification. Certified ISO 17025:2017 Accredited Laboratory
Reliability – improve efficiency and increase reliability
Flexibility – team of technical experts 24/7
Cost Effective – delivering solutions to maximise your budget
Continuous Improvement – Calibration Trend Analysis
Tailored Solutions – against agreed KPI’s

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