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Third Party Vendor Management

In our experience major manufacturers often have many suppliers supporting the Calibration and maintenance of their Mission Critical Instrumentation, ensuring product quality. These manufacturers require numerous resources and incur high costs to manage all third party providers. LotusWorks has the capability and experience to manage all suppliers while you focus on the core manufacturing activity.

Our Solution Offering

LotusWorks third party vendor management solution provides you with the ability to focus on your core activity while we manage all the calibration activity related to your third party providers. We are experienced in the management and completion of calibration work schedules in multiple industries and employ teams of dedicated calibration expertise.

Solutions Provided:

A full and comprehensive review of all calibration related supplier activity is assessed to ensure your organisation experiences increased efficiencies, compliance and cost savings. LotusWorks third party vendor management solutions include:

  1. Scheduling and transportation of items to and from your sites to the third party laboratory
  2. Review and approval of certificates and documentation from the vendor
  3. Complete supply chain management of the vendors required to execute the entire scope
  4. Storage of the certificates as required either on your or our system
  5. Financial management of the process

Benefits of the third party vendor management solution:

  1. Gaining calibration expertise for the management of all instruments and equipment
  2. Increasing plant efficiency and less downtime creating financial gain
  3. Reduction in operational costs due to a single source for managing all vendors
  4. Quality and compliance assured offering peace of mind
  5. Reducing workload and costs in the engineering, procurement & quality departments
  6. Single point of contact to communicate with about equipment and instruments
  7. ​Ability to focus on core activity

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