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The festive season is approaching – Read about some LotusWorkers festive activity and favourite


We caught up with some LotusWorks employees to hear about their festive season traditions.

Stormie is an Exhaust Technician, based in Oregon, US   and when we spoke to Stormie she reminisces about her found memories as a kid when her large family gathered for Christmas celebrations and Stormie and her cousin “would sit under the table eating cookies and end up too full for dinner”. Christmas remains one of her favourite occasions ‘I love seeing the trees with all the lights and everything peppermint. The smell of peppermint trees, peppermint cookies and hot chocolate are some of my favourite things about Christmas’.

In New Mexico in the US, we spoke to Jorge an Electrical Commissioning Technician, and he has specific traditions as his favourite festive thing  “For  9 days over Christmas, we would gather together in our local village in Ecuador and visit a different house each day to make food and sing Christmas songs. This tradition is called ‘Las Posadas’ which represents the time Mary and Joseph went from Inn to Inn searching for somewhere to stay before Jesus was born. Our last visit is on the day Jesus was born”. When asked about his favourite present that he received as a kid Jorge said “I think I was around 7 and I got a heavy-duty Tonka truck for Christmas. I loved it so much I kept it for over 10 years”.

On Christmas eve, Albert, a Mechanical Lead, in Leixlip, Ireland and his family go out for dinner and “come home to bake cookies & watch Scrooge as a family”.  Albert has a very family filled Christmas day, gathering with his five brothers, six sisters, their children in his 88-year-old mum’s house which is usually “mayhem but great craic”.

Seán, an Instrumentation & Controls Apprentice, based in the Calibration Laboratory, Sligo, says his favourite part of Christmas  “Is my family getting together to celebrate the holidays. Every year, all of my family, grandparents and aunt and uncle join together at my family home. My mother makes a breakfast spread, we open the presents and drink mulled wine together. This tradition has been in my family for as long as I can remember! After our dinner is over we watch Christmas movies. It’s so hard to pick a favourite Christmas movie, but if I had to narrow it down I’d have to choose Love Actually, Die Hard and The Grinch.”

Thanks to all who contributed their festive favourites.


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