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Site Based Calibration Services

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LotusWorks Site Based Calibration Teams

At LotusWorks, we understand your need to minimise plant and equipment downtime, prevent product quality issues or recalls, and remain compliant and competitive. LotusWorks site-based calibration teams carry-out regular and accurate calibration of instruments and equipment ensuring product quality and patient safety. 

LotusWorks teams focus on productivity and efficiency while maintaining the high standards of compliance required by you. Completing your day-to-day calibrations is the minimum requirement,we exceed this by also offering: Continuous Improvement ProgrammesCalibration Optimisation Programmes, and Third-Party Vendor Management.

Expert Calibration Teams

With close to three decades of experience working across multiple regulated process manufacturing industries in Fortune 500 companies, we’re armed with expert knowledge and calibration expertise. Our teams are focused on productivity and efficiency while maintaining the high standards of compliance required by our manufacturing clients. Completing your day to day calibrations is the minimum requirement, we exceed this by also offering: Continuous Improvement Programmes, Calibration Optimisation Programmes, a bespoke Online Calibration Instrument Tracker, and Third Party Vendor Management.
Best practice and innovation is valued in the manufacturing industry, by delivering a team with the correct blend of technical ability, flexibility, and a continuous improvement ethos, we enable client competitiveness

We Guarantee

Expert Teams

Cost Savings

Calibration Certification

Safety & Compliance

Data Capture & Analysis

Our Service Offering

LotusWorks site-based calibration services include but are not limited to:


  • Completion of PM and CM tasks
  • Support of projects and expansions
  • Third-Party Vendor Management (on-site and off-site)
  • On-site verifications
  • On-demand requirements from various engineering departments
  • Temperature Mapping
  • 24/7 shift cover

"Benefits of LotusWorks Site Based calibration Teams"

  • Cost Savings – identify and correct costly performance deficiencies resulting in cost savings and increased equipment life cycle
  • Technical Expertise – calibration expertise without increasing headcount
  • Third Party Vendor Management – reduction in operational costs due to a single source for managing all vendors
  • Flexibility – 24/7 emergency callouts and support. Fast turnaround on critical instruments
  • Data Analysis – comprehensive data capture on integrated systems, ensuring traceability and managing equipment / instrument lifecycles

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