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Semiconductor Operations and Maintenance

Semiconductor Operations & Maintenance Services

Through our partnership model, we have developed an extensive portfolio of semiconductor clients globally, providing quality and cost-effective operations and maintenance solutions. A high-level operational excellence is both desired and expected by our clients. LotusWorks’ multidisciplinary teams work to provide complete, single point of contact, integrated and innovative partnering solutions that positively effect the performance of our client facilities through outsourced operations and maintenance semiconductor services.

Systems Experience

  • Mission critical utilities such as: emergency power, process cooling water, cleanroom environmental control systems, industrial process waste collection & treatment systems, process chemical & gas delivery systems, life safety systems
  • Experience working on semiconductor facilities ranging from 50,000 sq. ft to 400,000 sq. ft manufacturing space

Project Scopes Include

  • Sustaining critical systems, planning and executing safe plant shutdowns and rotations, responsible for energy, asset, change, quality and documentation management
  • PDMs: Predictive, preventative, proactive and reactive maintenance programmes, boilers, softened water systems, chillers, compressors, electrical systems, cooling towers, wastewater treatment systems, HVAC.

Benefits experienced when engaging expert Semiconductor

Operations & Maintenance Teams

  • 24/7 Support Expert Teams: Technical teams are operationally ready at all times, knowledgeable in a variety of utility systems and skilled in a wide range of instrumentation and procedure, delivering a value-add service

  • Cost Savings: Reduced man hours needed for preventative maintenance improving the uptime and condition of the equipment

  • Reporting: Increase facility efficiencies through collaborative preventative, predictive and proactive maintenance plans

  • Reduced Downtime:Through the implementation of a comprehensive maintenance programme and our experience of semiconductor environments, we successfully maintain facility uptime and deliver a solution focused on risk reduction

  • Equipment Warranty Tracking: The client experiences comprehensive data capture on the integrated systems, ensuring traceability and managing equipment lifecycles

Fast Response, System Knowledge

“While on shift, the team experienced a sudden power outage which in turn shutdown a lot of the facility supporting equipment, for example PVAC pumps, Make-up Air Handlers, Exhaust Systems, etc. The team were complimented on their fast response and system knowledge to rectify the situation keeping impact to a minimum.” 

Operations Manager, Client Semiconductor Facility

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