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Operations & Maintenance

Pharma/Biologics Sector

LotusWorks has long-standing partnerships with leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, having operated in the sector in Europe and North America since 1989. The LotusWorks team owns and manages scopes of work at manufacturing and mission critical facilities, working closely with client teams to produce products that make a radical difference in the lives of people worldwide.

Through a co-designed partnership approach, pharmaceutical clients’ current and future solutions are identified and met. Our teams approach every project with a continuous improvement mindset delivering real benefits, they have a responsibility to our client’s patients and ensure that equipment is safe, accurate and reliable at the point of use. Pharmaceutical and biologics clients outsource engineering and technical scopes of work on a long-term basis to LotusWorks teams in the niche areas of facility commissioning and qualification, calibration, operations and maintenance.

Continuous Improvement Culture

Continuous improvement at LotusWorks is celebrated and rewarded, it ensures our clients remain at the forefront of innovation. The culture of continuous improvement within LotusWorks means that our clients experience the best of value-add improvement from the team. Benefits experienced by clients as a direct result of the CI Programme include, cost savings, safety and quality improvements. The incentivised programme means teams are highly motivated and engaged.

Tailored Solutions

In partnership with our pharmaceutical and biologics clients, LotusWorks deliver tailored and structured engineering and technical teams to own and manage scopes of work. The partnership approach identifies clear deliverables, inputs, and deadlines ensuring operational excellence.

Compliant, High Level Performance

Process measurements can be critical to product quality and patient safety, this is especially true in the pharmaceutical sector. Our teams work to the highest standards of safety and quality, ensuring facilities production processes remain at the required regulatory standard. LotusWorks is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and INAB 17025.

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