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Safety Success- Highwire Recognition for LotusWorks


The LotusWorks organisation welcomed the news that it has been awarded the Highwire Gold Safety Award, which is a recognition for safety excellence and superior safety scores through a rigorous assessment process.

Highwire, the cloud-based mobile platform, aids the business in making smarter risk management decisions. LotusWorks Gold Safety Award means the company’s safety score following assessment is between 85% – 95%.

The Safety Assessment Programme reviews a company’s historic safety performance and current safety management systems. The gold standard award reflects LotusWorks’  continued commitment to safety and risk management improvement making the company a safer and more liable workplace.

Commenting on the recent award, LotusWorks EHS Engineer Cormac said:

“Safety is a journey; it is not a final destination. A key factor in LotusWorks’ success is our positive safety culture which empowers everyone to take ownership for our own safety and the safety of those around us. Our recent award is testament to our team’s continued commitment to safety and awareness of the safety of their colleagues in the workplace. Its brilliant to have teams recognized for the work being done by everyone everyday”

LotusWorks has a dedicated EHS department, who provide significant support at all client facilities. The department schedules support by liaising with site management to provide client site operational support to ensure safe delivery of work scopes being carried out.

Knowledge sharing is a huge part of LotusWorks’ culture with regular Toolbox Talks, Safety Boards and Safety Representative meetings, monthly Lunch and Learn Presentations to help reinforce the company’s positive safety culture.

The Highwire Assessment Programme provides thorough, objective, and consistent evaluation of company performance so clients can identify, monitor, and manage risk smarter.

This award reflects the commitment to risk management improvement within LotusWorks and the dedication to working safely by the teams on critical manufacturing facilities. Congratulations to all.

Further information about the Highwire awards can be viewed HERE:


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