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Safety Success for LotusWorks – NISO Awards Winner 2021


LotusWorks is proud to be recognised for its continued dedication and commitment to safety in the workplace at the 29th Occupational Health & Safety Awards Ceremony. On Friday, the company won the Service Award at the virtual ceremony.

The Annual Awards ceremony is run by the National Irish Safety Organisation and the Northern Ireland Safety Group and has been celebrating organisational safety since 1992. Every year there are large numbers of repeat entrants, which is a testament to the quality of the application process, the high regard that the awards command, and the value it brings. This year the ceremony took place virtually, due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Last year, LotusWorks received a distinction for its commitment to safety in the workplace, and to win the Service Award this year is confirmation of the quality of safety programmes and initiatives within LotusWorks says Senior EHSQ Officer, Paul Bourke:

“LotusWorks is honoured to once again be recognised by NISO / NISG for our continued commitment to safety. Health and safety is a core value for all involved with the company and the safety of our people and our clients remains a top priority. We work closely with clients to ensure our systems and processes deliver high-quality service while operating to the highest standards of safety and efficiency. This award would not have been possible without the efforts of our teams who put safety at the forefront of what they do every day.”

Health and safety is a core value within LotusWorks and is promoted and encouraged to all employees, whether they are joining the company or are seasoned LotusWorkers. During the onboarding process with the company, a safety workshop is run by the EHSQ team which covers all aspects of safety on-site, along with details of the LotusWorks internal safety programme. Throughout each calendar year, continuous safety training and refresher courses are carried out and international safety activities are supported including: Safe and Sound Week, EU Health and Safety Week, a Good catch Programme as well as other internal initiatives.

Having teams who engage with safety at all levels plays a key role in safety success within LotusWorks says Paul:

“Our people are the reason for our safety record and our reputation. Year-on-year they engage with the many safety activities we host annually to promote safety within the business, they are driving our safety-first culture and I am delighted to see them get the recognition for their continued hard work.”

To find out more about LotusWorks commitment to safety, please click here.

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