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Focusing on Mental Health with People Centric Initiatives


The month of May is Mental Health Awareness month, a time dedicated to raising awareness and reducing stigma around Mental Health issues. At LotusWorks we are committed to building a culture and environment of support and empowerment.  As part of this commitment, we will be rolling out awareness training and guidance for all employees focusing on Mental Health.   

As part of a pilot scheme, Albert, site lead at one of LotusWorks semiconductor client sites, with a team of 90 LotusWorkers, recently completed a Mental Health First Aider Training course that altered his approach to leadership and team support. Albert has expressed a desire to better understand and support his team. Since completion of the course, Albert is committed to enhancing workplace mental wellness and has committed to leading by example.   

Motivation for Mental Health Training

Albert’s decision to participate in the Mental Health Training was influenced by the unique challenges posed by modern living, where social media can heighten feelings of isolation. “I look after a team of 90 LotusWorks employees, and I felt this type of training would enable me to identify when people were struggling and might need some extra support,” he explains, highlighting his commitment to leading by example. Before joining LotusWorks, Albert was a motor mechanic by trade and was actively involved in supporting Alone, an Irish charity that aids older adults who may experience loneliness. He generously volunteered his expertise by providing complimentary vehicle servicing and repairs, demonstrating his long-standing commitment to helping others. This commitment is the foundation of Albert’s leadership style. Albert reflects, “I like helping people, but for leadership, you have to ensure your team knows that you are there to support them, listen to them, and help with whatever is going on in their lives”.  

Key Insights from the Training

The training introduced Albert to the ALGEE framework, which includes:  

  • Approach, assess, and assist with any crises.  
  • Listen and communicate non-judgmentally.  
  • Give support and information, such as assisting with programs or time off.  
  • Encourage appropriate professional help by providing necessary contacts.  
  • Encourage other supports by being there in whatever capacity needed.  

 These principles have equipped Albert with a structured approach to addressing mental health challenges within his team.  

The training has enhanced Albert’s awareness on workplace mental health. He has become more aware of subtle indicators such as solitary behaviours or changes in engagement and body language, which he now recognises as potential warning signs. Albert highlights the importance of communication as a tool, “Don’t be afraid to ask the question if you feel or see signs of someone who is struggling”.  Albert found aspects of the training relatable to his own previous life experiences and reaffirmed the importance of asking direct questions.  

The sectors the company operates in are predominately male driven and in recent years statistics show that nearly 1 in 10 men experience some form of depression or anxiety but less than half seek treatment (MindWise, 2024). However, initiatives aimed at breaking down the barriers and stigma, such as raising awareness and putting Mental Health on the agenda, can and will have a positive impact.   

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Strategies for Enhancing Mental Health Awareness

Albert is committed to integrating Mental Health awareness into the fabric of the team’s culture through initiatives like the Great Place to Work program, aiming to ensure every team member feels included and valued. To combat the stigma associated with Mental Health, Albert believes in letting his team know that they can discuss their Mental Health without fear of judgment, ensuring they feel supported at all levels.  

 Asked what his key takeaways from the training were, Albert said: “Following the ALGEE framework as much as possible and not being afraid to ask about suicide rather than losing someone when there could have been earlier intervention”.  

 Albert views leadership as essential in promoting Mental Health, emphasising that “You are not alone, there is a large team and people do care and want to help and support.” Albert encourages other leaders to undertake Mental Health training, highlighting its benefits in recognising and responding to team members’ needs: “This type of training equips you with the knowledge to spot when people may need help, and to let them know it’s okay to ask for help”.   


In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, LotusWorks is dedicated to maintaining a people-first approach, ensuring that the wellbeing of our team members is priority.  

 As we move forward, we are committed to focusing on our wellbeing strategy within LotusWorks.  This commitment promotes a shift towards a more inclusive and supportive workplace culture, where Mental Health is prioritised and openly discussed, ensuring that every team member has the opportunity to thrive.  

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