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Pharmaceutical Calibration

Reducing unscheduled production downtime machinery downtime &amp preventing product process quality issue

Pharmaceutical Calibration Services

Calibration must be performed on a regular basis to check accuracy and precision on instruments and, if any errors are found, corrective measures must be taken and any adverse effects must be evaluated and documented. LotusWorks’ expert pharmaceutical calibration management teams decrease unscheduled production, machine downtime, product and process quality issues and helps prevent product recalls and rework and ensures product quality production and patient safety.

Four calibration services offered individually or as a complete solution to meet pharmaceutical client specific calibration requirements include: Site-Based Calibration Teams, 3rd Party Vendor Management, Mobile Calibration Service and a certified ISO 17025:2017 Accredited Laboratory.

Systems Experience

  • Pipettes, Temperature Mapping, Electrical, Mass Balance, CNC machines, CMM machines, vision systems, air gauging systems and general gauging equipment micrometres callipers, digital temperature indicators, temperature baths, temperature probes, multi-meters, process meters, true RMS meters, clamp meters, power supplies, single/multi channel, fixed and variable, onsite verifications, spares and repairs programmes, support of projects and expansions
  • Expanding on capabilities, LotusWorks is in a position to calibrate scope metres, oscilloscope, earth leakage devices, PAT testers and 5.5 multimeter resolution

Project Scopes Include

  • Completion of PM and CM tasks, onsite verifications, spares and repairs programmes, support of projects and expansions, Third-Party Vendor Management (on-site and off-site), Temperature Mapping, 24/7 shift cover
  • Mobile calibration planned shutdown and emergency callouts
  • Temperature mapping that is wireless, accurate and fast reporting
  • Maintenance of monthly schedule list of calibrations, unplanned activities, quality control of all calibration documentation
  • Calibration Laboratory of the Year 2018 and ISO/IEC: 17025:2017 accredited laboratory for Electrical, Temperature, Pipettes and Balances

Benefits experienced when engaging expert Pharmaceutical Calibration Teams

  • Compliance: Peace of mind that the service is delivered to the required standard. Expert calibration ensures that product or batch quality remains high and consistent over time
  • Expert Teams: LotusWorks employs 650+ full time staff, 77 dedicated Instrumentation & Calibration experts, 7 of which are ISO:17025 accredited calibration laboratory based. The company also employs 14 instrumentation apprentices and 10 graduates working across 12 manufacturing client sites.
  • Calibration Optimisation Programme (COP):  LotusWorks COP allows clients to maximise profit whilst minimising the risks associated with; product quality, identity, strength, purity, and patient safety, as well as the impact on environmental and business efficiencies. This approach firstly identifies what requires calibration, and secondly helps to determine through statistical analysis, when it needs to be calibrated

Vast Improvements in key areas of Calibration programme

“We have enjoyed a vast improvement in key areas of the calibration program such as compliance, turnaround times and cost reduction. LotusWorks have been successfully audited by our quality department to an ISO 17025 standard on two separate occasions and achieved high scores in both. Since our partnership with LotusWorks we have found them to be accountable, professional and compliant to the highest standards. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services”

Calibration Manager, Client Facility

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