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Calibration Services

Your Complete Calibration Services.

LotusWorks calibration services provide you with the peace of mind you require while focusing on your core business activity. Our expert calibration management decreases unscheduled production, machine downtime, product, and process quality issues and helps prevent recalls and rework.

Coupling our technical competence with a clear understanding of your equipment and instrument requirements means you experience a consistent quality service on time. LotusWorks has an in-house calibration laboratory that is fully accredited by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Systems Experience

  • Experienced in Black Utility Systems, eg. boilers, softened water systems, chillers, compressors, electrical systems, cooling towers, wastewater treatment systems, HVAC as well as a number of smaller auxiliary and supporting systems
  • Familiarity working with multiple client systems including: vendor software on client systems, CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System), BMS (Building Management System) and PMS (Process Management System) systems
  • Experience working on facilities up to 4.3million sq. ft

Project Scopes Include

  • PDMs – Predictive, preventative, proactive and reactive maintenance programmes, boilers, softened water systems, chillers, compressors, electrical systems, cooling towers, wastewater treatment systems, HVAC
  • LotusWorks teams employ a number of various techniques on site from vibration analysis, stop motion amplification, oil analysis, static motor testing and thermal imaging

Benefits experienced when engaging expert Pharmaceutical O&M Teams

  • 24/7 Support Expert Teams: Technical teams are operationally ready at all times, knowledgeable in a variety of utility systems and skilled in a wide range of instrumentation and procedures, delivering a value-add service

  • Reduced Downtime: LotusWorks minimise shutdown time and costs, without compromising on safety and quality and increasing capital assets performance

  • Cost Savings: Reduced man hours needed for preventative maintenance improving the uptime and condition of the equipment. Increased facility efficiencies through collaborative preventative, predictive and proactive maintenance plans

  • GMP Compliant: Maintenance teams understand the critical environment they support. Our teams are fully trained in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulation and fit in to the training schedules on the site they support

  • Real-Time Reporting: Experienced in following prioritised risk-based documentation, our teams understand that projects and annual shutdowns can be high risk times for our clients. We pride ourselves on following policies, procedures and work instructions as written by the clients we support and provide directions and documentation, for the performance of work to ensure that maintenance is performed safely and efficiently

Extremely Flexible

 “I find them extremely flexible in whatever the situation – out of hours, weekends, and nights, whatever the case they always deliver. It’s their sign-off on projects as well, they say what they are going to provide, how they are going to provide it and how it looks upon completion. Their technical expertise is second to none and I’d have no issue recommending the LotusWorks team.”

Senior Engineer, Client Facilty

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