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Operations and Maintenance Services

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Operations and Maintenance Services

Through our partnership model, we have developed an extensive portfolio of global clients in the Semiconductor, Biologics, Bio-pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Data Centre world. We provide  our clients with quality and cost-effective Commissioning, Operations & Maintenance services. LotusWorks’ engineers and technicians enable the delivery of our clients’ commercial results, driving efficiencies, boosting innovation, solving technical problems, continuously improving, and managing costs.

LotusWorks Operations & Maintenance Services include:

  • Expert Technical Teams
  • 24/7 Monitoring, Operation and Maintenance of Utilities Systems 
  • Preventative, Predictive & Reliability Maintenance Development 
  • Shutdown Scheduling & Management
  • Modern Maintenance Techniques
  • Fully Integrated CMMS Build, Interface & Management 
  • Risk Based Equipment Classification
  • Equipment & Warranty Tracking

Why Outsource your Operations & Maintenance Needs?

LotusWorks’ multidisciplinary teams work to provide complete, single point of contact, integrated and innovative partnering solutions that positively affect the performance of our client facilities through outsourced operations and maintenance services. LotusWorks’ expert teams have for over 34 years worked with world-leading manufacturers during project initiation right through to sustaining. Our guarantee to you: 

  • Reduce Capital Repairs
  • Reduce Unscheduled Shutdowns and Repairs
  • Extend the Equipment Life Cycle
  • Extend the Facility Life Cycle
  • Realise Life Cycle Cost Savings
  • Provide Safe, Functional Systems and Facilities that Meet Design Intent
  • Support Sustainability Goals
  • Compliance and Safety Adherence

Operations & Maintenance Systems Experience:


  • CMMS experience across a wide range of providers
  • Preventative, Predictive & Reliability Development
  • Expert Technical Teams
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Operation of Equipment
  • Scheduled Shutdowns
  • Modern Maintenance Techniques
  • Risk Based Equipment Classification


LotusWorks ensures the quality of their Operations and Maintenance services through their team of highly skilled engineers and technicians who have extensive experience working in the Medical Device, Data Centre, Pharma, and Semiconductor sectors.

LotusWorks offers Operations and Maintenance services in the Medical Device, Data Centre, Pharma, and Semiconductor sectors.

The benefits of partnering with LotusWorks for Operations and Maintenance services in the Medical Device, Data Center, Pharma, and Semiconductor sectors include access to specialized expertise, quality and cost-effective services

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