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Nurturing talent for the future – LotusWorks’ Graduate Programme

Nurturing talent for the future – LotusWorks’ Graduate Programme


Talent management has become synonymous with organisation growth of late and LotusWorks is fully committed to nurturing that talent within the company. Continuing its commitment to the learning and development of graduate employees, in February of this year, the LotusWorks Graduate Programme commenced.

The Graduate Programme is in partnership with third level institutes whereby graduates will learn through a blended approach of college-based learning and hands-on work placement.

Offering a blend of college-based learning and work placement, grants graduates’ access to targeted training and development opportunities, mentoring support, and the opportunity to pursue a professional career.

We spoke to some of LotusWorks’ graduates to learn more about their experience so far with the team:

Marcin, Pharma Industry

“Most of all, I’ve enjoyed the close bond that is present within LotusWorks. It feels like a family, and I can’t wait to be officially a part of It when I graduate. I chose and will always choose LotusWorks because of their commitment to supporting their employees.”

Marcin, Pharma Industry

“Work placement with LotusWorks gives me the opportunity to fully immerse into the instrumentation and automation world which has application in many sectors of cutting-edge technology. Amazing managers and team members at LotusWorks are always very supportive and willing to expose various aspects of the profession they are dealing with every day. LotusWorks is a friendly welcoming company and a great place to work”.

David, Pharma Industry

“I first heard about LotusWorks through my college and after reading about them on their website, I was keen to get started. So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with LotusWorks. I am currently working on site in the pharma industry and have found the work to be very interesting. I have learned a lot since starting in May last year, having received experience in a variety of calibrations while working alongside skilled technicians. It is a great environment to learn in and everyone from LotusWorks has been very helpful. I would highly recommend the LotusWorks graduate programme to anyone interested in instrumentation”.

Strategic talent management and tailored graduate programmes can have a positive impact on company culture, growth and commercial success through creating an engaged and committed workforce.

Commenting on the importance of learning and development within the company, LotusWorks Senior HR Manager, Richard said: “Learning and Development at LotusWorks is central to our People First Culture. We promote and foster a continuous learning and development environment to support the career progression of all the LotusWorks Team”.

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