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Unlocking Potential: The Power of Internships in Nurturing Future Talent


Embarking on an internship can be an exciting and transformative experience for individuals seeking to kick-start their careers. Internships provide an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios and develop their skillset. LotusWorks recognises the importance of nurturing talent and consistently offers internship opportunities to individuals who are passionate about engineering, technical services, and additional functional support disciplines. The company’s internship programmes aim to provide hands-on experience, mentorship, and exposure to real projects and clients, whilst, in return welcoming new enthusiasm, creativity, and innovative ideas from the interns. In 2023, LotusWorks welcomed 21 interns, which consists of 17 interns based in Ireland and four interns joining operations in the USA. 

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5 top benefits LotusWorks has experienced as a result:

Offering internship programmes comes with multiple advantages that not only enrich the learning journey for aspiring professionals but also provide businesses with a competitive edge in talent acquisition and innovation. Here’s 5 top benefits LotusWorks has experienced as a result: 

  1. Skill Development: Offering valuable hands-on experience and the opportunity to develop practical skills that directly align with the industry or field of interest, means talent is industry ready. Interns gain real-world experience that enhances their employability. 
  2. Talent Pipeline: By nurturing interns and providing them with meaningful experiences, LotusWorks can identify and attract top-tier talent early on. This helps in building a pool of potential future employees who are already familiar with the organization’s values, culture, and operations, along with that of multinational clients.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Internships provide a platform for interns to expand their professional networks and connect with industry experts, mentors, and colleagues. LotusWorks is aligned with multiple colleges and universities globally as a result of successful internships. 
  4. Innovation and Fresh Perspectives: Interns bring innovative ideas, fresh perspectives, and a willingness to challenge the status quo. This injection of energy and diverse viewpoints can spark innovation within a business.
  5. Brand Ambassadors: When interns have positive experiences, they become advocates for the company, promoting its reputation and attracting other talented individuals. Word-of-mouth referrals can significantly enhance a company’s employer brand and increase its appeal to future interns and potential job applicants.

The benefits extend beyond the duration of the internships, as businesses can identify and attract top talent for future employment, while interns acquire a competitive edge in their career pursuits. By embracing internship programmes and partnerships, businesses can nurture talent, drive innovation, and create a positive impact on the professional journey of aspiring individuals, ultimately shaping a brighter and more promising future for all. 

Meet the Future:

Introducing LotusWorks Interns and Their Journey of Growth and Exploration

Electrical Engineering Intern – Joseph 

Joseph, a recent graduate from the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology with a degree in engineering, works as an intern with the LotusWorks team on a client site in New Mexico, USA. Here, Joseph assists with complicated engineering projects and ensures their completion on schedule. His ability to work with teams, and his critical analytical skills allow him to approach engineering difficulties with creative solutions collaboratively. When asked about his internship Joseph said: “During my internship, I have received a lot of support from my colleagues and team manager. They are always willing to answer any questions I have and make sure that I understand their answer. My team manager is happy to take time out of their schedule to meet with me and check on my progress.” 

Environmental Health, and Safety Graduate – Shauna 

A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety and Health, Shauna has demonstrated exceptional dedication and passion for her chosen field of study since joining the team. Commenting on her time with LotusWorks working as part of the Global EHS team, Shauna said: “I have been incredibly fortunate to receive exceptional support and guidance from my mentor and colleagues. Their willingness to invest their time and expertise in my development has made my internship experience truly valuable and rewarding.”

Marketing Intern – Jack 

Jack is currently studying for a Bachelor of Business degree at ATU Sligo, with a focus on marketing. His smooth integration into the marketing team demonstrates his excellent knack for teamwork, creativity and communication. The invaluable experience I am gaining with LotusWorks is providing me with an exceptional platform to thoroughly delve into the creative and strategic factors of branding. As a result, my passion for this field has intensified, and I am now even more enthusiastic to pursue a career in brand marketing, says Jack. 

Mechanical Engineering Intern – Finley  

Mechanical Engineering Intern Finley is currently in his senior year at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona USA. His time at LotusWorks has provided him with valuable real-world experience in mechanical systems and project management. Finley’s ability to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations is impressive, and his commitment to professionalism and attention to detail make him an asset to the team. “Working on-site and engaging with mechanical systems deepened my understanding of their functioning and practical application. Overall, the internship at LotusWorks has been instrumental in bridging the gap between theory and practice, enhancing my ability to apply academic concepts in practical scenarios.” Finley Commented. 

Human Resources Intern – Mairead 

A student at ATU Sligo, Mairead is studying a Bachelor of Business specialising in Human Resource Management. Making an impact since joining LotusWorks, particularly in collaborating with her colleagues on the Great Place to Work methodologies, putting plans into action and displaying the people-first values of the company. Mairead emphasises, “HR is a people care function and LotusWorks has shown me how important engaging with employees is at every stage in the employee lifecycle. I have been given the opportunity to work on projects, share my ideas and contribute to the team which I am immensely proud of and thankful for.” 

Information Technology Intern – Michael 

Michael, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Networks and Cyber Security student at ATU Sligo has been hands on from day one, assisting with the implementation of the company’s global Help Desk. His technical expertise and commitment have been invaluable in assisting with the configuration and deployment of the software, training end-users, and ensuring seamless transitions. Michael reflects on his internship to date, The internship has helped me apply the theoretical knowledge gained in my college courses to real-world scenarios. I have learned how to analyse and troubleshoot problems systematically, applying critical thinking and problem-solving skills to resolve issues effectively.” 

Quality Intern – Jennifer 

Jennifer has been working with the Quality team at LotusWorks. Jennifer’s eagerness to learn has enabled her to excel in her role. Studying a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Science and Drug Development at ATU Sligo, Jennifer comments “Working with LotusWorks has helped me improve my communication and teamwork skills. I am excited to embark on my career with the experienced gained from the internship programme.  

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