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Nerves, Golf & Interviews!


Thought for the Day!

I was listening to Ian Dempsey’s Interview with Padraig Harrington on the way to work this morning. Padraig was talking about various things including being nervous and being able to do well and perform at his game.

He made a good point around the importance of being nervous before big competitions. As he putt it (I couldn’t resist!!) ; Nerves  mean you care and at a time in your life the things you are most nervous about are the things you will remember and are most important. It’s about how you manage those nerves and turning them into performance on the golf course is the important part. And attending an interview is really no different.

I always worry about people who are not a little bit nervous before going for an interview. As Padraig said, you will be nervous if it really matters to you. But for the people who are nervous and petrified about going for interviews, it’s fine! It’s a completely natural feeling to have! It’s what you do with the nerves from there on in that matter. Have your preparation, company research, CV reviewed, mock interview completed and then let the nerves you have make you perform well in that interview. Turn them into a strength, be strong, your only nervous because you care so darn much and you really want the job!

So the next time you are going for an interview, think of Padraig taking his first shot with thousands of eyes on him and use those nerves as a strength. They are not a weakness, they are a sign of a strong person and reflect how important this is to you!



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