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My LotusWorks Journey – Greg Howze

NAME: Gregg Howze
TITLE: Commissioning Technician
SITE: Nevada, USA

Originally from Virginia, LotusWorker, Gregg Howze is happy to confirm Nevada is his new home.

In 1993 in Virginia I started my career having studied HVAC and locational when I was in High School. My first role was as a Boiler Technician working for the Governments Department of Defence. Following on from this, I spent nine years working in the semiconductor industry as an Operations Technician. I was on the lookout for something new when an opportunity came up with LotusWorks based in Brazil in 2012. That’s where my LotusWorks journey began.

In my five years with LotusWorks I have worked on 11 different projects in the areas of commissioning, operations and maintenance. I am now currently working in the automotive industry in Nevada and I love it. I had worked in Phoenix three times in the past with LotusWorks from solar panels to semiconductor and really liked it.

In my time with LotusWorks I got to travel a lot and gained exposure in different industry sectors but mostly the semiconductor industry. All of the facilities I worked on in the past were large, it’s exciting to to be part of it.

Having moved about a lot within the five years I have found having good people really helped. The toughest transition was to my first commissioning role however, now it is second nature. It was all new to me back in the day but now I feel I am in my comfort zone here. My favourite thing about working with LotusWorks is the people. For me, the people are always willing to help, are so professional and they are really positive. This makes LotusWorks different and makes it easy for me to enjoy working with the company.

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