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Archiford’s Employee Story – Mastering Precision as a Calibration Technician


Archiford’s Employee Story – Mastering Precision as a Calibration Technician

In 2022, a 12,915kilometre journey began for Archiford embarking on a significant life transition, moving from Zimbabwe to join LotusWorks in Ireland. A Calibration Technician at a global biologics manufacturer in Dundalk, Archiford  plays a crucial role in maintaining the precision and accuracy of various instruments and equipment. Recounting his career and life move to Ireland, Archiford is grateful to his LotusWorks community, friends and colleagues who each made the move the happy experience it is today. 

LotusWorks Calibration Technician working on precision equipment in a biologics facility in Dundalk, Ireland.

The Supportive Journey of Relocation: From Zimbabwe to LotusWorks in Ireland

LotusWorks takes immense pride in the comprehensive support system designed to make international relocation a positive experience for  employees. This commitment was exemplified in the journey of Archiford who relocated from Zimbabwe to Ireland. Understanding the challenges of adapting to a new culture and way of life, LotusWorks Talent Acquisition Team offered personalised support, easing his transition into Irish life. Recognising the impact such a life-changing move has for an employee, LotusWorks has significant support systems in place to aid new employees with the initial set up of life. Combined with this the journey of Archiford from Zimbabwe to Ireland underscores the ethos of LotusWorks – going beyond professional boundaries to offer moral and personal support. The collective efforts of our teams, ensured not just a career for the employee but also a smooth transition into Irish life, culminating in a content and well-settled family.  

For Archiford, the journey to calibration technician began with a five-year apprenticeship at an engineering company in Zimbabwe, where calibration was a key module of the curriculum, allowing him to practice it extensively. Following the apprenticeship, which was completed in 2011 he furthered his education in applied physics and instrumentation, a field that encompassed his expertise in calibration, culminating in a degree obtained in 2016. 

Today, Archiford’s expertise is pivotal in ensuring the LotusWorks client site’s operational efficiency and compliance with industry standards.  

The Roles and Responsibilities of a LotusWorks Calibration Technician

Archifords responsibilities encompass a broad range of calibration tasks, with each day presenting a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Following a meticulously planned schedule, Archiford begins his day by reviewing the assignments laid out for him. This plan dictates not only the tasks he must accomplish but also the specific locations within the facility where his skills are needed. 

The routine calibrations that Archiford undertake are fundamental to the smooth functioning of the manufacturing processes. He deals with a diverse array of instruments, each requiring a specialised approach to calibration. These include but are not limited to: 

  • Temperature Calibration: Ensuring that all temperature-sensitive processes are accurately controlled, which is vital in a biologics manufacturing environment. 
  • Pressure Calibration: Critical for maintaining the integrity of pressurised systems and ensuring safety standards. 
  • UV Calibration: Essential for processes that rely on ultraviolet light, impacting both product quality and safety. 
  • Flow Calibration: A key aspect in ensuring that liquids and gases within the manufacturing process are measured and controlled accurately. 
  • Level Calibration: Important for maintaining correct levels in tanks and vessels, directly affecting the consistency and quality of the products. 
  • Weights Calibration: Ensuring that scales and balances are accurate, which is fundamental for precise measurements in manufacturing. 

In addition to his primary role, Archiford occasionally extends his expertise to the utilities team, assisting other team members when needed. This collaboration underscores his versatility and commitment to supporting the broader goals of the facility. 

Shaping the Future with LotusWorks and Navigating International Career Moves

Looking ahead, he envisions a future with LotusWorks, drawn by the company’s culture and the opportunities it offers in commissioning roles, an area he’s keen to explore further. His positive experience with LotusWorks, the supportive and nurturing environment he’s found embodies all that he desired when he set out on the move with family. 

Transitioning from Zimbabwe to LotusWorks was a significant move, and Archiford advocates for this path, citing the unparalleled support and treatment he received from LotusWorks. The company’s nurturing approach, he notes, allows newcomers to focus on adapting and exploring the vibrant opportunities and work culture in Ireland, making the transition smoother and more rewarding. 

LotusWorks is recognised as a company that champions Diversity and Inclusion. At the workplace, LotusWorks takes proactive steps to recognise and celebrate various cultures. For instance, our employees are encouraged to share insights into their cultures, and there are initiatives to acknowledge and celebrate cultures among others. These cultural insights and recognitions are vital, as they significantly improve team dynamics and promote inclusivity. This approach not only helps in building a robust team but also reinforces the company’s commitment to inclusivity, making LotusWorks a model for Diversity and Inclusion in the corporate world. 

“LotusWorks employs individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures, yet the differences are hardly noticeable due to the teamwork and effective communication within the team. The company has cultivated an environment where employees naturally acknowledge and respect each other’s racial, cultural, and other distinctions.”  said Archie 


Reflecting on this journey, LotusWorks reaffirm our commitment to comprehensive support during international relocation. We celebrate the successful integration of our colleague into the LotusWorks family and recognise the importance of a supportive, empathetic approach in every step of the relocation process.  

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