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LotusWorks Reaches Significant Milestone


LotusWorks, a leading outsourced engineering solutions company has announced company growth and significant employee count increases as the global pandemic restrictions lift.

In the past two years, LotusWorks has increased its client base, raised its employee count to over 500, and opened a new office in Boston, Massachusetts. This continued company momentum speaks to significant market opportunity and demand for the engineering capability delivered by LotusWorks, resulting in 20% growth in the two-year period.

Founded in 1989, the company was acquired in an MBO transaction by senior LotusWorks managers in 2018. The growth experienced within the company is admirable considering it is achieved on the backdrop of the huge challenges the Covid-19 pandemic has caused for the operational aspect of all businesses globally.

Gerard Sproule, LotusWorks Director, commented “ A level of uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and economic recovery will persist in the near term but the leading manufacturers we work with have reacted quickly and competently to stabilise their operations to assure employee safety and protect competitiveness. Being decisive and working collaboratively has enabled the high resilience levels we see in regulated sectors. Our organisational agility stood the test during the uncertainty COVID-19 presented. Operationally, we focused on a few indicators we deemed priority and we aligned through collaboration with our clients to protect our talent and deliver our solutions”.

Alongside this excellent growth, LotusWorks has achieved a number of other significant milestones, including being announced a best place to work in February 2021 and more recently in June 2021 is the winner of the Operational Excellence in Utilities firm.

LotusWorks 500+ employees work in partnership with global manufacturers in the Datacenter, Pharmaceutical and Biologics, Semiconductor, and Medical Device sectors to deliver technical expertise, innovation, and cost-savings from facility commissioning through to sustaining work scopes.


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