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LotusWorks brings Safety to the Home


March 21st – 25th saw LotusWorks bringing Safety in the Home to its Sligo Headquarters. With the weather getting warmer and the days longer it was decided to concentrate on providing safety tips and advice for outside of the workplace. Safety at work is paramount for LotusWorks and we wanted to share the importance of safety in the home with all of our employees also.
Topics for the week included, Safety at Home, Gardening Safety, Pedestrian & Cyclist Safety, Chemical Safety at Home and Farm Safety for Children.
As part of this, LotusWorks held a number of events in its Sligo Headquarters as well competitions for LotusWorks staff working nationwide. Events included guest speakers from the Road Safety Authority, Fire Safety talks and a table quiz.

Employees were quick to share their safety stories, highlighting the importance of taking extra care in the home and simply being cautious where accidents can be avoided. Carbon monoxide, candles, hot cooking oil, chip pan fires and children spilling hot liquid/ household chemicals were some of the re-occurring stories that were shared.

Thanks to the EHSQ department for organising an educational week filled with top tips on safety in the home and its importance and congratulations to all our competition winners. A special thank you to Emma Clerkin from the Road Safety Authority for an insightful talk on Road Safety for Drivers, Cyclists and Pedestrians.

Winning Safety Story

“Back in January 2016, my Father switched off the AGA in the kitchen to clean it out and do some repair work on it. This is done every year by my dad but this time round my Mother decided to put a Carbon Monoxide alarm in the kitchen (after hearing the ads on the TV). Thanks to this my family are still alive. Later that night, when the AGA was switched back on, and all my family were asleep, the Carbon Monoxide alarm started to sound. My house is quite a large house and all the doors were closed. Miraculously, my Dad woke up to hear a faint beeping noise, and went down to investigate it. When he walked into the kitchen and saw it was the Carbon Monoxide alarm going off he immediately opened all windows and turned off the oil going into the AGA.
This was a near miss in our house and thankfully we had placed a Carbon Monoxide alarm in the house, if we hadn’t, it would have been a different story altogether.”

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