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LotusWorks attend the Northwest Futures Fair

On Friday last, myself and my colleagues exhibited on behalf of LotusWorks at the North West Futures Fair at the Glasshouse Sligo. It was wonderful to see so many people from various industries exhibiting their companies and promoting the West of Ireland as a fantastic place to live and work.

From my own experience, like many others, I started my career in Dublin but quickly realised how I missed the lifestyle and pace of living in the West of Ireland.  While I work in a very large fast paced company there is something liberating about getting into the car and being able to commute every day without being stuck in traffic or paying tolls! The endless activities, country side and places to explore and visit are also fantastic.

The event attracted talented professionals who are now thinking about a move back to the West & North West of Ireland. I spoke with highly qualified Engineers, Technicians and also Graduates about the opportunities available at LotusWorks.

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