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International Women’s Day – Celebrating The LotusLadies


Amanda, Design Co-Ordinator with LotusWorks discusses her passion for her role and her experience working within a male-dominated industry.


Just over four months ago, Amanda joined the LotusWorks team working on a large-scale semiconductor facility in California as Design Co-Ordinator. As Design Co-Ordinator, Amanda not only works very closely with her LotusWorks team on-site but frequently interacts with both the permit team and trades teams as part of her role.  . Amanda is responsible for determining when particular parts of the project need to take place and ensuring that the project stays on schedule meeting client deadlines. If a deadline is not met, it pushes all vendors schedules out and it could be costly to the client.

“Coming from a background in design and coordination, I jumped at the chance to avail of an opportunity with the design team at LotusWorks. Although I am not working on designing the facility, my role is important to ensure the project is kept on schedule for the client”.

Having studied Architecture in college, Amanda was no stranger to working within a male-dominated industry “during my studies at university there was around 1-2 females in each of my classes, this made settling into a new role within a male-dominated industry a little easier”.

Working in a male-dominated industry and being the only female on the LotusWorks team on-site poses some challenges for Amanda.

“What I like most about my job is coordinating. I love ensuring that the project is on schedule and updating the team on whether the project is on schedule or running behind. In one of my previous roles, lack of communication in some areas was a barrier I faced in terms of getting an issue resolved quickly. This was not the case with LotusWorks and despite being the only female on my team, effective communication is one of the reasons my experience has been great”.

Amanda’s advice to someone starting out in the industry is “hold your head high and be confident. Have fun with the role”. Being the only woman on the team doesn’t pose any challenges for Amanda although she does miss having a female counterpart on-site to talk all things shopping with but feels equally valued on site.

“I really enjoy LotusWorks for its work environment and everyone’s shining personality that show their passion in construction/design”.


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