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Eva – Instrumentation & Controls Co-Ordinator


“I like being in the middle of things, learning & making a difference” 

LotusWorker Eva discusses why she loves working in the chip manufacturing industry

After completing her degree in Physics and Instrumentation, LotusWorker Eva took up her first role out of college as an Instrumentation and Controls Technician supporting the commissioning of the Ultra-pure water plant on a client project in the semiconductor industry. As an Instrumentation and Controls Technician, Eva played a vital role in ensuring that the Ultra-pure water plant and associated equipment was commissioned correctly as the water produced here is used in the production of microchips.

Starting a new job after college can be very daunting for graduates, but Eva recognised that some of her skills from college were transferable and thanks to a great team, she was able to learn something new each day.

“My team was excellent. The site leads went out of their way to answer my questions. They talked me through the various equipment and systems to make sure that I was familiar with everything”.

A year and a half on, Eva remains working on the same client project, however, she has moved to the HVAC team as an Instrumentation and Controls Co-ordinator. Here Eva is responsible for testing instruments, meeting with trade representatives, report writing and understanding the project systems. Like the UPW team, the HVAC team’s priority is to ensure that no dirty air gets into high spec clean rooms as it can have a direct impact on the process of chip manufacturing.

When speaking about the advice she would give to graduates embarking on their career journey, Eva was quick to mention the importance of ‘fault finding and thinking outside of the box’ in a technical role. “Fault finding requires a certain way of thinking. You need to be able to think outside the box. Firstly, identify the issue and then work backwards, and always remember to ask questions”.

Instrumentation & Controls Co-Ordinator (EVA)

When asked what she enjoys most about her job, Eva noted -“I really love working in this industry. The world is only going to get bigger and there will never be enough microchips to meet demand, so this is an area that will keep growing and I will never run out of things to do”.

Eva is keen to remain working within the semiconductor industry as she enjoys the hands-on experience and the fact that her role can impact on the project progress. “I don’t want to sit at a computer all day, I like being in the middle of things, learning and making a difference”.

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