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Report on the Gender Pay Gap at LotusWorks

Report on the Gender Pay Gap at LotusWorks

LotusWorks is strategic engineering and technical partner to some of the world’s largest multinational clients across the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, medical device and datacentre sectors. With a workforce split of 88% male to 12% female, LotusWorks welcomes Gender Pay Gap Reporting; it is highlighting a critical area of our industry and an important step in encouraging change for the future. 

Gender pay gap is different to equal pay. The gender pay gap shows the difference in average pay between men and women, we review pay to ensure that there is consistency between roles and employees within roles. 

LotusWorks Gender Pay Gap

LotusWorks embrace diversity, uniqueness, and individuality so that we can lead the way towards an inclusive workplace for all. Over the past number of years, an increasing focus has been brought to gender pay gap as a means of highlighting the need for increased focus on gender diversity in the workplace. 

According to Engineers Ireland female engineers represent just 12% of the profession in Ireland, latest data from the Higher Education Authority indicates that 23% of engineering graduates are female. Further analysis shows that the pay gap is largely driven by significantly lower female participation in engineering roles. This statistic is reflected in LotusWorks’ workforce split of 88% male to 12% female. 

LotusWorks Gender Pay Gap Report Statistics 2023

The Figures set out below have been calculated using the standard methodologies used in the Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021 

LotusWorks upholds the principle of equal rights and treatment for all team members, regardless of gender, race, creed, age, marriage, sexuality, pregnancy, maternity, gender reassignment, or disability. There is a clear policy of paying employees equally for the same or equivalent work, regardless of their gender (or any other characteristic set out above). 

Creating Gender Balance

The company has committed to taking action in order to mitigate the current imbalance in gender split of the existing workforce. To remain an attractive employer for engineering and technical graduates and professionals, the company is committed to broadening the relationships we have with existing universities, colleges, and schools, whilst approaching a new array of educational establishments. Through strategically curated content our aim is to showcase the success and experience in the engineering sector that LotusWorks can offer, while also looking at how we can attract more females for the future. Engaging and partnering with governing bodies and established sector entities such as Women in Engineering, Engineers Ireland, STEM & STEPS Programme Partnerships remains a clear focus for addressing the current imbalance.  

Award Winning Company

LotusWorks is a multi-award-winning company recognised as a Great Place to Work since 2017. LotusWorks is an Equal Opportunity Employer. For more information on building your career with LotusWorks, connect with our Talent Specialist’s – email