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European Week for Safety and Health at Work


LotusWorks celebrated European Week for Safety and Health at Work with activities in our Sligo HQ and client sites across Ireland. During the week we worked closely with our Site Leads and Safety Representatives to promote workplace safety through workshops, safety videos and daily competitions. We spoke to some of our Safety Representatives about the week and why safety in the workplace is of the upmost importance.

“Everyone is entitled to work in a safe environment, so we all get home safely to our families. By working together as a team and having the ability to recognise hidden dangers, helps ensure everyone gets home safe.”Said Albert a Safety Representative with one of our Semiconductor clients. Tom works with our client in the Medical Devices industry and spoke about his role as a Safety Representative: “We all expect to work in a safe and healthy environment.  We all have a responsibility to ensure our fellow workers are also safe. I also have a responsibility to my family to look after them and to look after myself.There are day-to-day stresses in our lives and knowing that I work in a safe workplace is one less thing I need to worry about.”

In the Health and Safety Authorities most recent Annual Report, they detailed that in Ireland there was 9,143 incident reports to the authority. They also stated that 653,518 days were lost to illness and injury at work. Ensuring a workplace is safe is not just of the benefit to employee but to companies too. At LotusWorks our Safety Representatives work tirelessly with the EHSQ team to promote safety and ensure their colleagues are safe at work.

“We are here onsite on behalf of the client and other employees. We represent our colleagues and our goal is to pass on all health and safety solutions and issues. Pass on our experience and knowledge, to hopefully make their daily work safer for them and others on site. Also, to be available always for them, if they ever have any issues or questions”stated Philip who works with a global Pharmaceutical client. Tom spoke about encouraging employee engagement through safety and how working hand-in-hand with clients ensures a better work environment for everyone involved: “The best way to get workers to think safety and to follow and understand safety procedures is to get them to take ownership of safety. The Safety Representative is the conduit between the workers and management. If we feel that our views are listened to and acted upon, then we are much more likely to be active participants in site safety culture.” 

LotusWorks was recently recognised for its commitment to safety by the National Irish Safety Organisation and received a distinction for their work in the area. The safety awards offer organisations an opportunity to showcase the health and safety performance of their businesses. Winning a NISO / NISG Award demonstrates the positive and proactive culture of safety management that exists within LotusWorks and highlights our commitment to the safety of our people and our clients.

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