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Employee Stories – Simon Doyle


​Simon Doyle started his career as a Mechanical Technician and is now one of LotusWorks’ Mechanical Leads working on a client semiconductor facility in Ireland. Focused on safety in the workplace and embracing a people first culture, Simon talks about why he enjoys ‘life at Lotus’.

“Working on a multinational site coming straight from college gives you exposure to a range of different projects and services such as commissioning, operations and maintenance. When in such a busy environment, the opportunity to take ownership of your own work happens almost instantly. Not only does this give you exposure to projects, but it also gives you a chance to build on your skills. You build a rapport with the management on the site and in Head Office, you build a strong relationship with the client, and you are given the chance to showcase your ability when you are trusted to take ownership of your own work.”

When asked about career progression, Simon adds:

“After two years working as a Mechanical Technician, I was given the opportunity to take part in the ILM Certificate in Leadership & Management course. There were eight other LotusWorkers on this programme and it gave me a wealth of knowledge. The programme gave a good insight into the company’s culture, management best practices and we had an opportunity to present to the company Directors too. I have learned that it truly is the people that make the company and LotusWorks really showcases this through its people first culture. Since being promoted to a Mechanical Lead, I now want to play my part as a LotusWorker and instill this culture to all new hires as the team grows. I want everyone to feel as welcomed to the company and that there is career progression opportunities for each LotusWorker.”

In January 2021, Simon led the first LotusWorks Lunch & Learn employee led webinar highlighting topics of safety that impact LotusWorkers in different ways. When asked about his experience of knowledge sharing and the value that these types of events bring to teams, Simon said:

“When looking at safety hazards and accidents in the workplace internationally there is a trend when it comes to hand injuries. The LotusWorks EHSQ team want to use these Lunch & Learns to provide real life scenarios and situations to share knowledge of these safety topics and what can be done to prevent similar incidents happening in the future. Shared learnings are key to success in any sector and I feel these Lunch & Learns are beneficial no matter what site or location you’re working in. The webinars showcase the incidents and safety topics to the entire organisation. I worked with the Environmental, Health, Safety & Quality team closely on this webinar, ensuring key messages and points were delivered throughout the presentation. Feedback from the live safety webinars is positive. If one person can take something from every webinar hosted and it can prevent a safety incident, the presentation was a success. The safety of our people, clients and colleagues will always be a priority at LotusWorks and that foundation is built on day on day.”


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