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Employee Stories – Sam Elliott


Sam Elliott joined the LotusWorks Calibration Laboratory team in August 2019. Having completed a course in Mechanical Engineering in IT Sligo, Sam was delighted to take up a graduate role immediately after college. ​

“A global engineering & technical company the size of LotusWorks offering a graduate role locally was a no brainer for me – I jumped at the opportunity to apply. When considering a career and choosing college courses its often hard to visualise what your career path will look like on completion. A career in Engineering is extremely varied and has many opportunities. I would have no hesitation in recommending people to go this route.” says Sam.

As a Calibration Co-Ordinator in LotusWorks’ ISO 17025:2017 AccreditedCalibration Laboratory Sam’s role is varied and has kept him interested since day one “My role includes checking in units to be calibrated, inspecting units, ensuring the calibration cert is correct and inspecting the tolerance. I am exposed to a wide variety of units, many of which I didn’t know existed. It’s great to have an insight into where they are used and how critical the parts are. Gaining an insight into the Medical Device, Semiconductor, Pharma and Datacenter sectors during my time in the laboratory has made me want to get as much industry experience as I possibly can. It’s cool dealing with these instruments, learning about their function in the facility and how they work.

I have learned so much in such a short period of time. LotusWorks offers many benefits to employees including the opportunity to travel and work as part of the team across different sectors and locations throughout Europe and the USA. That’s very appealing for a young graduate like myself.”

Asked about changes experienced in LotusWorks’ Head Office and the Calibration Laboratory while working during a pandemic, Sam said “I consider myself very lucky that I haven’t had to work from home during the pandemic. The Calibration Laboratory team are classified as essential workers due to the criticality of the instruments and units we’re working with daily.  My life hasn’t changed too much, of course there is additional safety measures implemented in the laboratory and the office, but I have adjusted really well to this. The laboratory is always good fun even when there is only a couple of us, and we have supported each other in the last couple of months when things have changed drastically. It’s weird not having all the other departments around, but it’s great when you do get a chance to catch up virtually! I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone back at their desks in the future.”


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