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Employee Stories – Jake Hansen


In just three years, Jake Hansen has developed his skills and experience with LotusWorks

LotusWorker, Jake Hansen, joined the company in 2018 as a Commissioning Engineer working at our automotive client facility in Nevada. After just three and a half years, Jake is now working as Site Lead within a semiconductor facility in the LotusWorks US Team.

Jake discusses the opportunities he experienced and the flexibility and support offered by the Leadership team.

“In 2011, while employed on a semiconductor facility as a system owner, I began working closely with the LotusWorks team on start-up and commissioning of three semiconductor Fabs.  I met LotusWorks Operations Director, James Casey, and the other members of the LotusWorks team at that work site originally”.

“In 2018, the facility moved into sustaining phase and it was time for me to see out a new work opportunity. “I spoke to some people I knew on the LotusWorks team to get their take on what it was like to work with LotusWorks. The response was clear and unanimous, one of the team said ‘it is one of the best moves I’ve ever made’ and everyone else had great things to say. I decided to pursue working with the company and was offered a role in an automotive facility in Nevada. The transition to LotusWorks was seamless and within a month I was packed and travelling across the country from New York to Reno, Nevada.

I joined the company as a Commissioning Engineer and within four months I was offered a more sustainable role at a semiconductor facility in Arizona. I started onsite in Arizona as a System Engineer, working with the single point of contact for the restart of the Fab. A LotusWorks colleague I had worked with in New York approached me saying that they had a requirement for a project manager. This was a significant step for me, but I was ready for the challenge and was transferred over to the construction team. I stayed there for just over a year.

For personal reasons, I needed to get back to the East Coast and I spoke to the company leadership team. The fact that the Owners of LotusWorks, will take a call from any employee is really outstanding to me. For people with that much responsibility to pick up the phone and listen to an employee, for any reason, is what puts LotusWorks far above the rest.

I explained that I needed to get back to the East Coast and within three months I was at a Semiconductor Facility in Virginia in a Construction Management role with LotusWorks. I spent 19 months in the role. I had gained experience in design and operations which was perfect for the role, but I learned a lot about budgeting and contractual agreements while in the role. When that job wrapped up, I openly shared my interest to go back West or to work in the South as my family circumstances had changed. There was a great opportunity in another semiconductor facility in Texas as a Commissioning Manager and the chance to lead a team of ten LotusWorkers based at the facility. I took the opportunity and I am really enjoying the experience. I am the main LotusWorks point of contact and work directly with the facility owners.


I’ve been with LotusWorks for almost four years now and I’m so glad I made the move. I’ve had the opportunity to work in many different roles and develop my skill set. From a Commissioning Engineer to a Construction Manager and now a Commissioning Manager and Site Lead, the opportunities are there if you apply yourself. LotusWorks is a very unique company- they are truly a people-first company – management are there for you and want to see you be happy and to support your progress within the company, you aren’t just a number.” Jake joined the LotusWorks team in 2018 and hasn’t looked back.


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