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Employee Stories – Gerald Moss


Gerald is an Electrical Commissioning Lead, at LotusWorks on a large scale multinational semiconductor facility.

Gerald has 15 years experience in Natural Gas Processing and Transmission, Liquefaction (LNG), Chemical Plants, Oil Refineries, and upstream Oil & Gas production.

Gerald explained his decision to make a career change “There has been a move away from coal power generation. Many electric utility companies have retrofitted or built new natural gas power plants in recent years. So, between a combination of projects coming to a close and a push on these environmental concerns, I knew it was time for a change and LotusWorks was a good fit for me “

Asked to elaborate on his role Gerald says “The project is a semiconductor microchip fabrication plant. I am completing the final Electrical Commissioning of the new FAB and central utility plant. Electrical commissioning is necessary to reduce the potential for electrical faults or major catastrophic events from happening during the start-up and during the facility lifecycle. Commissioning also ensures that the electrical equipment and systems operate as they are intended to. The time when there is the most potential for an undesired event to happen is when equipment is being energized for the first time. If a major electrical fault occurs, it puts all personnel and the facility at risk, and in turn, delays the project. A day of lost production can mean millions of dollars in lost revenue for our clients. Therefore, proper vetting and testing of new facility systems is critical. The vast majority of electrical testing and commissioning happens before initial energization”.

Gerald cautions that the proper planning, oversight, testing, and fastidious tracking to completion are critical elements to successfully achieve commissioning and start-up of critical facilities.

Gerald’s extensive experience in the Oil and Gas industry meant he did have to overcome significant learning curves when he moved to the Semiconductor sector.

“I’m so glad I made the decision to come and work with LotusWorks, I’ve learned so much and I look forward to growing and developing in the longer term with the company”


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