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Employee Stories – Gareth Robinson


NAME: Gareth Robinson  
TITLE:  Construction Manager
SITE: Chandler, Arizona, USA

Originally from Palmerstown, Dublin, Ireland, LotusWorker, Gareth Robinson takes time out of his busy day to tell us about his LotusWorks journey. “I started out doing an apprenticeship and upskilled with various courses over a few years, before doing a course in Energy and Environmental Engineering in IT Tallaght”.

My LotusWorks journey began nearly 7 years ago in 2013 on a Semiconductor/Advanced Technology site in Kildare, Ireland. I was involved in the decommissioning of tools. My Site Lead mentioned opportunities in the US- I was excited to see what lay ahead for me.  I moved to Oregon as Commissioning Lead for a short term project, and then onwards to New York for 6 months, again working in the Advanced Technology sector. From New York I went to Israel where I was subcontracting as a Construction Manager for about 20 months. I have travelled quite a bit with LotusWorks and I’m still enjoying it.  Outside of where my projects are based I’ve also travelled in my downtime so I’ve seen quite a lot of the US & the Middle East.

At the moment, I am in Arizona working as a Construction Manager on a world-leading semiconductor facility. Over the course of this project we have had over 60 LotusWorkers on the team, working in various roles from field engineers, estimators through to project managers, commissioning managers and construction managers. My personal goal for the future is to grow the team onsite – We have a good relationship with the client so it’s just about building on that.

A typical day onsite for me involves design, estimating and schedule meetings. I would also be providing information and a resource  to our field, procurement and commissioning teams.”

Speaking of the LotusWorks refer a friend scheme, Gareth said: “It’s a great scheme and while the financial reward is beneficial, it’s not about the money for me, it’s about building a strong team around me. I could refer loads of guys but I want to make sure that they are the best, and will make life on site a bit easier for us all and build LotusWorks reputation.

Asked what Gareth likes most about LotusWorks, he replied “I like that it has a personal touch that you might not get with bigger companies. President of Operations USA James Casey trusts in my abilities and values my opinion. He listens to my opinions and takes them on board. He’s a good person to talk to, if you have any issues you can just ring him up and he’ll take the time to talk it through with you. That’s fantastic”

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