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Employee Stories – Amy Grennan


LotusWorker, Amy Grennan, is the Lead Document Controller in a state-of-the-art, global semiconductor facility in Ireland. Amy discussed making the most out of opportunities, growth in her role, and sharing her advice and knowledge.

Amy has been working as part of the LotusWorks team for almost 10 years, having joined as an Administrator and working her way up to Lead Document Controller, Amy has a diverse educational background, having studied Music, Ancient Classics, and Business in college. Having such varied degrees has taught her the importance of building a strong skill set and gaining the most from every opportunity.

“During my time in college, I learned you get out of things what you put in. I researched in detail each degree and chose the skills I needed to build upon. For me, developing my skills in the areas of research, organisation, and communication has stood to me helping me professionally.” says Amy .

As Lead Document Controller, Amy manages a team of three within global semiconductor client site based in Ireland

“My role is centered on creating new processes, updating current processes, and auditing processes onsite. I love working with new systems. As a team, we are constantly testing systems and processes, measuring the benefits for departments, and evaluating its  success.”

“Having been promoted to Lead, I’ve developed my skills in managing people, it’s important to create a culture of fun and respect. Working with LotusWorks I’ve witnessed  the importance of having a strong culture in place – there’s a real sense of accomplishment and being part of something important.”

Asked if there is anything she looks for from prospective candidates, Amy said:

“Attitude and desire are everything. Having a good basis for the role is important but having a hunger for learning and knowledge is a must.”

With International Women in Engineering Day around the corner, we asked Amy if there anything she’s learned and any advice she would give her younger self.

“Say ‘no’ more often. Saying yes means saying no to something else. We all have a finite amount of time and how we choose to spend it is important. I’ve also learned, nothing is ever as simple as it seems – taking time to prioritise and set goals ensures we meet deadlines and perform to the highest level as a team.”


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