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Empowering Employee Growth through Upskilling Initiatives


Upskilling is a fundamental strategy for employees and employers to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology, innovation, and current talent shortages. At LotusWorks, where a strong commitment to upskilling, coupled with an employee educational assistance program, the company is fostering career growth and progression among engineering and technical talents.  

LotusWorker Andrew started his career journey with limited experience in the pharmaceutical sector as a Junior Calibrations Co-ordinator. Learning through hands on experience, on a large medical device client site in Cork, his ambitious nature and desire to advance his career meant he quickly worked his way to becoming a Senior Calibrations Co-ordinator. Committed to his learning he also took on the role of Continuous Improvement Champion for the LotusWorks team on site, promoting, encouraging and reinforcing the benefits of continuous improvement mindset on site and for the company as a whole. With a keen desire to continue his learning and development journey.  

Photo of Andrew who speaks of his upskilling journey in LotusWorks going from a calibrations co-ordinator to a calibration technician.

Andrew set out his career goals and objectives with his Site Lead at the time, which included the possibility of pursuing further studies. Although, he initially felt he would be unable to pursue the course due to lack of funds, the financial aid from the LotusWorks educational assistance program, allowed Andrew to commence his studies in Process Instrumentation and Calibration in Cork Institute of Technology, which is now known as Munster Technological University.   

Cautious at first about juggling his work and studies, Andrew felt the flexibility both with his course and in his role with LotusWorks, was the big contributing factor to the success of the course for him.   

“Pursuing further studies opened my eyes to more opportunities. It can be daunting to complete a course and juggle the day job but if you have the work ethic, experience and ambition behind you those factors will each contribute to your success. I am going to be looking at more courses down the road as a result which I think is probably an indicator of how well I think it has gone.” said Andrew. 

On completion of the course, Andrew was able to take up a new role with LotusWorks as a Calibration Technician in another of LotusWorks’ medical devices client sites, also based in Cork.   

Andrew’s new role is one that is currently in high demand in the calibrations service market. It is a hands-on career that plays a vital role in ensuring the accuracy of equipment and instruments used in industry including pipettes, weighing scales and thermometers. Calibration Technicians are responsible for calibrating and maintaining various devices to meet the industry and regulatory standards of ISO 9001 and ISO 17025.   

Andrew shared his positive views about companies, like LotusWorks that invest in upskilling and professional development and how this benefits the employee and the employer. He felt that the partnership between him and LotusWorks throughout his studies has built trust for LotusWorks in him and his capabilities but also, built trust in him about LotusWorks and how they invest in their employees and motivating employees to achieve their goals.  

Asked what advice he would give to those in a similar position to him considering upskilling while doing the day job, Andrew said: “Take a leap of faith and trust yourself. I think it is important to invest in yourself. If you’re in a job and you feel it is going a bit stagnant, and you don’t see yourself progressing anymore, have those conversations with your employer, look at ways you could progress and if you have it in your nature to invest in yourself, give it the time, get the head down and just run at it.” 

As an employer LotusWorks places great emphasis on and invests extensively in upskilling initiatives and programs for employees. From technical training to leadership development, employees are provided with opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. The LotusWorks tagline is Powered by Experience and by putting their employees first, LotusWorks is ensuring the career aspirations of employees are met, thus, ensuring the company meets its core values of service excellence, accountability and teamwork through its experienced and professional teams.  

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