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Employee Benefits – putting our people first


At LotusWorks, it is our 650+ employees who we value the most. Our employees are at the heart of our business, and we care about investing in them, their health and making sure that they are happy as part of the LotusWorks team. We are committed to ensuring employees feel valued and appreciated as part of the LotusWorks team and that is why we’re committed to improving and expanding on employee benefits on an ongoing basis.

All LotusWorkers are individuals with different needs and values, who need time away from work to recharge, plan for the future, an opportunity to learn, the chance to give back and to have fun. We regularly review and benchmark our compensation and employee benefits packages to ensure we remain competitive, reward frequently and that our employee benefits meet expectations. By investing in employee benefits, it has helped us form a positive and attractive employer brand, improve recruitment and retention, encourages greater staff engagement, and helps make the company a happier place for staff to work.

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits - What is in it for you?

We are dedicated to supporting employees in developing their careers within the company so that each LotusWorker can reach their full potential. The company aim to provide work variety, giving people the opportunity to grow and learn new technology and systems and work in multiple locations across North America and EMEA.

Our employee benefits are designed to match our talent philosophy and we have a range of programmes in place to help our employees reach their personal and career goals. Our 650+ employees come from various locations across the globe and through regular survey feedback, we tailor our benefits package based on what is most important to them. 

Benefits LotusWorkers Enjoy:
  • Health & Well-being
    • Health Insurance
    • Annual GP Visits
    • Dental Insurance
    • Executive Health Screening
    • Cycle to Work Scheme
    • Employee Assistance Programme
  • Time for you
    • Paid Annual Leave
    • Maternity Leave
    • Paternity Leave
    • Adoptive Leave
    • Compassionate Leave
  • Planning for the Future
    • Pension Contribution
    • Additional Voluntary Contributions
    • Pension Counselling & Retirement Advice
    • Internal Saving Scheme
    • Life Assurance
  • Reward and Recognition
    • Above & Beyond Awards
    • Continuous Improvement Awards Programme
    • Refer a Friend Programme
    • Years of Service Milestone Rewards
    • LotusSocials
    • Corporate Events & Exclusive Concert Ticket Access
  • Career Development
    • Educational Assistance
    • Study & Exam Leave
    • Graduation Leave
    • LinkedIn Learning

Recruiting skilled staff is one thing but keeping them engaged and happy is quite another. Our employees’ health and well-being matters and these benefits exist so that our teams enjoy and avail of discounts, well-being assistance, expert health advice, regular corporate social responsibility activities, a healthy work-life balance, and most importantly feel appreciated for the work they do.

LotusWorks is proud to retain its Great Place to Work accreditation for six consecutive years, making it our priority to regularly obtain employee feedback so that we can ensure our employee benefits package meets the needs of our teams. Inviting conversation and taking feedback on board is central to ensuring that the culture is strong and continues to impact positively.

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